My eNotify

What is eNotify?

Please sign up for our eNotify system which allows you to enter your email address to be notified (via email) when vacancies for specific classes are added to VPOS (web-based vacant positions data base). In order to be notified for a specific class, a vacancy for that class must exist in the database. You are limited to five notification subscriptions per email address. Remember that you must have eligibility (for people who have never worked for the state, this means passing an examination) before you can be considered for a vacancy.

How Do I Use eNotify?

To sign-up for eNotify you must search for a vacancy. When your search results appear, click on a job title. This hyperlinked job title takes you to the vacancy bulletin describing the position. Type in your email address in the space provided, and click on "eNotify Me" (Top right corner of the page). If you are new to the enotify system, the next page will send you an email with a link to validate your email to receive vacancy notices. You must complete this process to receive the notices.

How Do I Access and/or Remove My eNotify Subscriptions?

To access or remove your current eNotify settings, type in your email address below. On the next page that appears, click the blue "Remove" link next to the subscription(s) you want removed.

NOTICE:  If you are not a current or former state employee, you must first take an examination to obtain list eligibility.
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