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Salary: $4,204.00 - $8,136.00
Posted: 08/01/2013

Job Description:


The Economic Studies Section of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is seeking an Air Pollution Specialist with expertise in economics and climate change analysis and a desire to work at an internationally recognized air pollution control agency. CARB’s mission is to meet California’s air quality, greenhouse gas (GHG), and transportation planning targets while considering the effects on the state’s economy.

The duties of this position include analyzing and evaluating proposed and implemented air quality and Climate Change regulations and control program issues related to consumer choice, business environment, and Climate Change polices. This position is also responsible for predicting the economic impacts of potential strategies for meeting long-term GHG reduction targets in light of technological uncertainty and demographic trends. This includes running macro, energy, and microeconomic models for existing and proposed climate change policies and regulations in order to characterize their economic and fiscal impacts on the California economy, its citizens, industries, and businesses. The position requires close interaction with other government agencies, leading academics, and affected stakeholders to ensure comprehensive analysis of all issues.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should possess a strong background in macro and microeconomics, regional economics, scenario analysis, and economic forecasting. They should also have excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work effectively and cooperatively in a team interacting with diverse stakeholder groups, and a strong desire to make original and sustained contributions to CARB’s mission.


Applicants will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be interviewed. This vacancy may be subject to SROA/Surplus provisions. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their surplus letter with a completed standard State application (STD 678). On page one of your State application you must clearly indicate the basis of your eligibility: list appointment, transfer, SROA, surplus, re-employment, or reinstatement.

If interested, please submit a completed standard State application (STD 678) and any other relevant documents (e.g. unofficial transcript, copy of degrees, resume, etc.) to the attention of Shana Wood.

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Working Title Position Number
Air Pollution Specialist 673 - 352 - 3887 - 005
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Research Division
1001 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Shana Wood
(916) 323-1511