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Salary: $4,204.00 - $7,899.00
Posted: 06/13/2013

Job Description:


The Economic Studies Section supports the Air Resources Board’s (ARB) regulatory and research programs to manage air quality and climate change impacts on the State’s health and welfare. The incumbent would plan, organize and conduct data, statistical, costs, and economic analyses; collaborate with others to construct future scenarios and run macro and microeconomic models to estimate air quality management impacts and conduct analyses of regulations or programs proposed or adopted by the ARB; provide analyses and assistance to programs that focus on regulatory and non-regulatory economic approaches to reduce air pollution; consult with ARB divisions, other State agencies, and local governments on assessing economic impacts of air quality management programs and related issues. The incumbent will investigate and analyze issues such as proper cost and financial methodologies to assess compliance costs of regulations, lifecycle costs, appropriate cost metrics, and other factors that affect air quality management decisions; analyze and prepare Fiscal Impact Form’s (form 399s) and reports on costs and economic issues associated with draft environmental and other regulatory proposals or programs that affect the California economy and its businesses and specific sectors, and write results in report forms established by regulatory process. The incumbent will design and manage research projects that provide an empirical basis for future air quality and environmental regulation cost and economic impact assessment.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: The most qualified candidate should have experience with economic analyses required; the ability to work independently to carry out analyses for client divisions, and effectively pursue complex details of issues for complete economic analysis with other State agencies or private and public stakeholders; excellent communications, coordination, and collaboration, skills; the ability to use economic theory, data analysis, and economic reasoning to explain and advance economic analysis and objectives; have experience preparing and giving presentations and processes good organizational skills.


Applicants will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be interviewed. This vacancy may be subject to SROA/Surplus provisions. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their surplus letter with a completed standard State application (STD 678). On page one of your State application you must clearly indicate the basis of your eligibility: list appointment, transfer, SROA, surplus, re-employment, or reinstatement. NO EMAIL APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

If interested, please submit a completed standard State application (STD 678) and any other relevant documents (e.g. unofficial transcript, copy of degrees, resume, etc.) to the attention of Shana Wood.

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Air Pollution Specialist 673 - 352 - 3887 - 005
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Research Division
1001 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Shana Wood
(916) 323-1511