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Salary: $4,488.00 - $5,618.00
Posted: 08/14/2014

Job Description:
This position is designated under the Conflict of Interest Code. The position is responsible for making, or participating in the making, of governmental decisions that may potentially have a material effect on personal financial interests. The appointee is required to complete form 700 within 30 days of appointment. Failure to comply with the Conflict of Interest Code requirements may void the appointment.
br> Please reference RPA #8913-OSP and state your eligibility in the classification title section or in the “Explanations” section on your State Application form (Std. 678), For recruitment purposes will consider Staff Services Analyst (GEN) and duties will be adjusted accordingly

SELECTION CRITERIA - The selection criteria will be in the following order:
• SROA/Surplus employees are encouraged to apply and will be considered prior to other recruitment methods.
• Transfers, reinstatements, or recruitment from the employment list may be considered. Consideration may be given to applicants who are on a DGS employment list or on another department’s employment list. .
• Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled. • Downgrade to SSA will be considered for recruitment purposes. .
The Department of General Services’ (DGS) Core Values and Expectations of Supervisors and Managers are key to the success of the Department’s Mission. That mission is to “Deliver results by providing timely, cost-effective services and products that support our customers.” DGS managers and supervisors are to adhere to the Core Values and Expectations of Supervisors and Managers, and to exhibit and promote behavior consistent with those values and expectations. .
Under direction of the Staff Services Manager I, the incumbent serves as the Legislative Coordinator and Liaison between the Office of State Publishing and the California Legislature relative to Legislative printing and interprets the Legislature’s printing needs. The incumbent maintains a positive working relationship with the California Legislature and more specifically the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the Assembly. Incumbent will be required to work an adjustable/flexible work schedule.

The performance of these duties will be accomplished within the guidelines of the Department of General Services (DGS), the Office of State Publishing (OSP) policy and procedures, transforming Legislative bills and publications mandates provided by the Legislative Joint Rules, California Constitution, Statutes, etc. Promote and be accountable for customer satisfaction and quality service to the California State Legislature and the public that is served by the Legislative Bill Room (LBR). .
The Legislative Coordinator manages the daily printing and publishing needs of the legislature and to ensure printed products are readily available in the mandated time frames to the Legislature and the public. The Coordinator continually identifies efficiencies that can be taken to cut production time and following the guidelines and/or statutes set forth by the performing the following tasks: .
• Keeps track and maintains the Legislative Bill and publications process, and mandates of the State laws to assist OSP to facilitate the work flow and ensures the critical printing services of the Legislature are met. .
• Reviews and interprets provisions of the California State Constitution, Legislative rules and Statutes to ensure we meet the parameters set forth by the California Legislature. .
• Makes decisions during critical situations regarding printing and publishing and applies the knowledge to the Legislative process. .
• Analyzes Legislative Bills and publications workload to prioritize for printing. .
• Determines print quantities of Legislative material based on analysis of usage, sales and inventory needs. .
• Coordinates the daily deliveries and distribution of Legislative material and ensures adequate staff and resources available, and verifies the deliveries and distributions are on time and all material received matches the daily morning reports between OSP and LBR. .
• Schedules all Legislative bills to the scheduler, System for Tracking and Ripping (STAR), and email and fax the reports each day. .
• Identifies cost effective alternatives for Legislative printing. .
• Identifies paper stocks which are more readily available on repeat jobs. .
• Sends jobs to digital print, whenever possible. .
• Identifies, plans, schedules, if bills are being sent to print on a weekend, best times for the Legislative staff to provide and to send the bills to print and alerts the production supervisors of time sensitivity. .
• Requests paper stock to be purchased in advance for extraordinary sessions to ensure the printing needs. .
• Ensures all work areas are staged and prepared for amended and corrected bills following the Legislature’s needs. .
• Organizes the work flow for the two-year Legislative Sessions and determine which program needs to be implemented at the certain phases of the Legislative process following the Legislature’s needs. .
• Plans a method of triggering the implementation of the bills to occur at the designated time of the Legislative process. .
• Develops a plan of action and coordinates with the various production units to process all 1000 bills normally over a two day weekend. .
• Ensures that the House Resolutions and the Senate Resolutions are all retained and not chaptered. .
(Other bills that are not chaptered are discarded. After the house of origin deadline in both years of a two year session the Assembly acts on Senate bills and the Senate acts on Assembly bills (this is referred to as the bills crossing houses). .
• Keeps abreast of technological innovations and how to improve our business operations on service and equipment for better customer needs. .
• Research current business practices and make recommendations to improve marketing products to the general public. .
• Research creative ways of current transition of ink on paper to digital media and incorporate new technology to enhance our printing services to the Legislature. .
• Works closely with contracted services to initiate the production of a web storefront to assist our customers with printing product needs. .
• Reviews and analyzes bill loads left in committees, during end of session crunch, to determine number of bills which might be amended or placed on supplemental files. .
• Keeps track and maintains Legislative activity via various media sources: Television, internet, newspaper, magazines, word of mouth, etc. to assess priority of bills to go to print. .
• Determines when the proposed Governor’s Budget will go to print as that will generate a budget bill from the Senate and Assembly. .
• Identifies bills that are considered “hot topics”, ensures these bills are given priority, when they will go to print, and informs coworkers for customer service needs. .
As a liaison and consultant between the Office of State Publishing (OSP) and the California State Legislature, the Legislative Coordinator works directly with the Chief Clerk and Assistant Secretary of the Senate to performing the following tasks: .
• Serves as the Legislative expert and makes recommendations to the OSP regarding bills, publications and other products. .
• Advises the Legislature regarding services needed relative to printing and publishing when the Legislature is in Session which may include working long days and nights. .
• Consults, plans and applies analytical processes to advise the Legislature on items, such as, drop dead times for when to send bills to meet their time lines and consequences for not meeting the timelines. .
• Determines and schedules the print workload of the Legislative work each day by collecting dates from various Legislative reports and telephone calls from the Senate and Assembly offices reporting what they will send to print. .
• Organizes the information received from the various Legislative offices, including all special notations, such as bills pertaining to the budget, prepare a user friendly format list and prioritizes based on factors such as Floor Session times. .
• Prepares emails and fax lists of Legislative bills going to print, from printer lists and sends reports to all affected unit’s within OSP and the Legislative offices of Legislative bills and publications that will be printed. .
• Works with OSP supervisors in scheduling workloads and communicate needs of unpredictable workloads that are critical and time sensitive. .
• Plans and schedules the workload for the Legislative Driver to ensure the deliveries are complete and timely. .
• Develops and maintains a process to streamline the renewals of customer subscriptions relative to the Legislative calendar. .
• Identifies areas of improvement on the processing of the renewals and develops procedures. .
• Meets with Legislative members, Chief Clerk, Secretary of the Senate, Legislative Counsel, etc to assist in the different needs of each. .
• Fields all complaint calls in regard to counter customer accounts tactfully. .
• Handles elevated customer complaints on the phone, counter or from the Legislative offices. .
• Handles telephone calls received from various Legislative desk staff asking for special priorities and prepares instructions for staff for any requests that may be out of the normal requests, such as, holding the Files until it is reviewed, voted on and approved for release. .
• Picks up and delivers all items-publications such as bills that are introduced, amended, enrolled, chaptered bills, files, histories, journals and indexes within one hour from the time received. .
• Reviews and responds to subscription renewals, accounts, and questions by mail, email or telephone. .
• Oversees the subscription renewal process by contacting IT to update all account information. .
• Contacts the Senate or Assembly for an approval to release Files and ensure copies of items held are not released inadvertently. .
Assists management as lead over the Unit staff to ensure the administrative functions of the unit are performed following the OSP, DGS and other control agencies policies and procedures by:
• Reviews work for quality and deadlines for approximately seven (7) clerical employees that are in two separate locations by way of commuting between the State Capitol and the Bill Room Annex.
• Assigns tasks within the work assignment for staff and advise management on workloads. .
• Provides input to management about staff performance and provide additional training when needed. .
• Assists management in formulating work teams and direct teams on special projects. .
• Assists in overseeing the daily office operations of filling customer orders, ensures orders and requests are filled and delivered timely and handles customer complaints regarding Legislative materials. .
• Advises management in incorporating new service requests into the daily office operations and delegates duties when appropriate by performing an analysis to determine what must be done and consider factors, such as, what method would take the least amount of time, employee work schedules, limitations and dependability to perform this task, what methods will have the most successful outcome and what are the other alternatives if any. .
• Assists in determining what methods to use to complete the assigned task and redirect or reorganize staff workload as needed. .
• Develops creative on-the-spot solutions to resolve situations requiring immediate attention. .
• Assists in directing and ensuring the Bill Room Annex staff place all bills that may come before the Legislature into file books which will be placed on the Legislative member’s desks prior to every Floor Session following under Article IV, Section 8b of the California Constitution. .
Ensures accuracy, timeliness and audit quality of documents consistent with DGS, Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) accounting procedures, by performing the following: .
• Creates and submits reports monthly to OFS for credit card, cash, check and account sales. .
• Formulates and submits reports to subsidiary offices on a monthly basis. .
• Trains staff and troubleshoot the POS system when any of the daily (X), weekly (Z) or monthly (ZZ) reports are not balanced. .
• Checks the daily sales when there are problems or discrepancies in programming, equipment related issues, cash drawer discrepancies and contact the appropriate entity such as the Information Technology Services Office (IT), EZB Solutions (vendor), etc. .
• Checks cash drawer balance discrepancies, writes a detailed report and deposits any excess cash. If the cash drawer is short, informs OFS of any shortages. .
• Reviews accuracy of the deposit slips and reports that accompany the deposits. .
• Generates credit reports and converts to text format. .
• Reports all credit card sales to Fiscal and completes a report. .
• Researches and balances any discrepancies. .
• Runs the subscription renewals once verified with IT that the accounts have been updated. .
• Directs staff to key the renewals into the system and maintain binders containing the renewal paperwork once renewals are received. .
• Works with vendors on implementation of new features for the POS system and provide feedback on problems. • Determines and implements updates to the POS system, i.e – price increases, changes in sales taxes, volume discounts, etc.). .
• Responsible for mitigating the oversight of the cash drawer. .
• Directs staff and reviews all processes involving the office POS system based on the review of the X, Z and ZZ reports. .
• Handles all customer service needs regarding the POS system and invoices are paid from the ABMS reports. • Maintains and purge the inventory of Legislative Bills and publications as necessary at the Capitol Bill Room and the Annex. .
• Analyzes and reviews data reports in determining how much inventory is maintained. .
• Reviews and analyzes accounting issues in order to solve problems with Bill Service clients. .
• Reviews, analyzes and reconciles daily, monthly and yearly accounting reports relative to Bill Room sales. .
• Responsible for the office safe, maintains the cash registers and cash drawer in the Legislative Bill Room (LBR) Sales Office, State Capitol Basement. .
Maintains the Legislative Bill inventory control and requests that require immediate attention following the Legislature’s authorization and needs: .
• Identifies best times to schedule and prepare the work to be purged and recycled. .
• Assists with the Legislative Bill inventory control and requests of bills to be discarded into Legi carts, which will be taken to the OSP Warehouse to be weighed before recycling. .
• Establishes staging Legi carts and instruct staff on bill to be processed which will vary per deadline. .
• Verifies the appropriate bills are discarded into the recycle bins accordingly. .
• Generates time schedules for the bills in the bins to be shifted and purged based on deadlines on the Legislative calendar. .
• Executes the Bill Service renewal process yearly by reviewing and analyzing prior contracts. .
Develops a marketing plan for printing needs, goods and services, for the State Legislature following current policy: .
• Functions as the Legislative Bill Room contact to provide bill analyst studies and reports as required. .
• Assists and advises the legislative contact in selecting materials, print and binding methods as well as the means of distribution. .
• Informs the customer of changes affecting quality, cost and delivery by analyzing and evaluating the printing project. .
• Responds by telephone, e-mail or letter to all customer inquiries concerning the specification and/or status or their printing projects. .
Educates our customers at the State Capitol of the products and services provided by OSP set forth by the OSP, DGS and industry standards: .
• Facilitates educational classes on types of services that are provided by OSP to provide an overview when the Department of Parks and Recreations Tour Office and for the Legislative Counsel tours. .
• Prepares and presents training material to groups of approximately 20 people. .
Ensures customer service needs are met, back up staff as needed to perform the following tasks: .
• Assists staff at the public counter located at the Capitol.
• Answers customer service telephone calls and questions regarding the Legislative process. .
• Performs receptionist duties such as but not limited to taking call in orders for bills and publications. .
• Delivers orders within the Capitol and transport information to and from the Capitol and OSP. .

Overtime may be required due to job requirements such as but not limited to the Governor’s Budget and Legislature during peak period workloads. .
Knowledge of: .
Principles, practices and trends of public and business administration, management and supportive staff services such as budgeting, personnel, and management analysis, and government functions and organization, methods and techniques of effective conference leadership. .
Ability to: .
Reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex governmental and managerial problems, develop and evaluate alternatives, analyze data and present ideas and information effectively both orally and in writing, consult with and advise administrators or other interested parties on a wide variety of subject-matter areas, gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of those contacted during the course of work, coordinate the work of others, act as a team or conference leader, and appear before legislative and other committees.
Demonstrated ability to act independently, open-mindedness, flexibility and tact. .
Special Personal Characteristics.
• Must have keen mental alertness to work in a highly political environment being sensitive to legislative needs and being tactful in communications with the Legislators and their staff members. .
• A demonstrated interest in assuming increasing responsibility. .
• Work overtime as needed to meet work commitments providing support if the Legislature stays late on the final days of the Legislative session. .
Interpersonal Skills.
• Efficiency, conscientiousness and professionalism. .
• Ability to focus attention on details. .
• Understand and comply with DGS, OSP and LBR office rules, policies and procedures at all time. .
• Ability to understand written and verbal instructions and communication. .
• Work cooperatively with all levels of staff. .
• Promote teamwork and be proficient as a team member. .
Work Expectations: .
• Promote and is accountable for customer satisfaction and quality service. .
• Act independently with minimal supervision. .
• Be well organized and thorough. .
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment. .
• Write effective studies, reports and other business correspondence. .
• Write thorough special instructions for OSP Production Units to implement. .
• The ability to use and operate basic data and communication related technologies, such as basic personal computer applications such as Work, PAL and Excel. .
• Appropriate dress according to the office environment. .
• Be well organized and efficient, conscientious and professional. .
• Arrive to work on time and is fully accountable for working an eight-hour work day. .
• Demonstrated reliability in attendance. .
• Maintain impartial personal opinions on all political issues. .
• Maintain confidentiality on sensitive matters and use discretion regarding any and all political issues between houses and at all times. .
Physical Abilities: .
• Frequent use of a computer at a workstation. .
• Duties will require standing, walking, sitting and reaching. .
• Exert up to 25 pounds of force occasionally to move bundled legislative materials. .
• Work environment involves minimal exposure to unusual elements such as dust, fumes, noise and unpleasant odors. .
Mental Abilities: .
• Require the ability to work under pressure, and effectively handle stress and deadlines. .
• Must maintain control over temper and attitude. .
Safety: .
• Follow all OSP safety rules and procedures. .
• Promote safe work practices and a safe working environment for all employees. .
• Do not attempt to operate equipment, use tools, materials or perform a new task until the associated safety hazards and methods to protect yourself have been explained to you. .
• Never altar or modify original tools or equipment. .
• Make sure you know how to properly use and take care of any required protective equipment and use your equipment when it is required. .
• Keep your work area organized and as clean as possible maintaining good housekeeping procedures at all times. .
If you see a safety hazard inform your co-workers and notify your supervisor immediately, “close calls” or “near misses” are accidents that almost injure someone including you. .

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Associate Governmental Program Analyst 307 - 900 - 5393 - XXX
Will also consider hiring a(n)
STAFF SERVICES ANALYST (GENERAL) $2,873.00 - $3,600.00
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Office of State Publishing
1303 10th Street, Room B-32
Sacramento, CA 95814
Lily Hitomi
(916) 445-2323

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