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Salary: $6,686.00 - $8,446.00
Posted: 04/03/2014

Job Description:

To apply for this position, a State Application (STD 678) must be submitted to the contact person listed. In the “Explanations” section of the STD 678, you must indicate your appointment eligibility (list, transfer, permissive reinstatement, etc.). All types of appointments will be considered. All applicants, regardless of the type of eligibility, must meet the Minimum Qualifications of the classification. To view the Minimum Qualifications, please visit the CalHR website and type in either the class code or title of the classification you are applying for.

Under the general direction of the Parole Agent III, Unit Supervisor, the Parole Agent II Program Agent (PA) is responsible for ensuring public safety by providing general oversight of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR) contracted custody and community-based parolee programs.

The PAII Specialists will be responsible for parolees in all programs located within a specified geographic area. These may include a combination of In-Custody Drug Treatment Program, Jail-Based (ICDTP1); In-Custody Drug Treatment Program, Community-Based (ICDTP2); Female Offender Treatment and Employment Program (FOTEP); Treatment Incentive Program (TIP), Day Reporting Centers (DRC), Residential Multi Service Centers (RMSC), Community Based Coalition (CBC), Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Program (STAR), Computer Literacy Learning Center (CLLC), and Parole Service Centers (PSC), as well as other identified programs as required.

Specific duties will include but are not limited to:

40% Maintain safety and security at assigned program facility(s) by identifying and responding to all potential threats to the safety and security of assigned facility(s) contract staff, parolee participants, visitors, and the surrounding community. Conduct a periodic safety and security inspection of assigned facility(s), along with random searches of the assigned facility(s) and parolee participants. Investigate any incidents and/or violations that take place within the facility(s) and or involve the parolee participants; secure and inventory any contraband/evidence. Monitor parolees for substance abuse and coordinate alcohol and anti-narcotic testing in conjunction with the Agent of Record (AOR). Verify and approve program requests for community release passes for ICDTP parolees; verify and approve program requests for community release passes for ICDTP parolees. Monitor and/or respond to parolee program violations, parole violations, and criminal behavior. Notify the AOR of any parolee violations of the law or conditions of parole, any returns to custody and assist the AOR with the arrest of program participants. Notify Unit Supervisor immediately of any major incidents. Attend Board of Parole Hearings when required. PA will occasionally provide transportation for parolees needing to address DAPO related matters.

20% Assist eligible parolees who are at risk to reoffend or in need of services by providing supervision and accountability of all parolees assigned to the program. Verify participants are properly screened and meet program criteria for participation. Work with contracted/vendor staff to ensure parolees are receiving required services. Assist contracted/vendor staff with case work by verifying and approving case treatment plans, as they relate to conditions of parole and/or criminal history. Periodically attend weekly case management meetings with contracted/vendor staff to assist in the evaluation of non-compliant or poor performing clients. Utilize Motivational Interviewing Techniques to solicit continued participation by parolees and to ensure parolees are participating in every aspect of the program as required by policy and their individual treatment plan. Become familiar with all parolee participants regarding their needs, conditions of parole, and their case factors as it relates to their ability to participate in the program. Participate in parolee group counseling sessions as needed. Notify AOR and/or conduct follow-ups on parolees who drop out or fail to show for intake/orientation. Provide AOR with all program related documentation for placement into the Record of Supervision.

15% Submit a weekly report of activities or incidents involving parolees, intakes, parolee disciplinary problems, and any dispositions to the Unit Supervisor. Ensure parolee participation in community related functions outside of the contracted program are pre-approved by the AOR. On an as needed basis and as schedule permits, attend weekly meetings with contracted/vendor staff. Ensure staff either provide or receive training in the areas of over-familiarity, fraternization, and sexual harassment, and monitor staff/parolee relations. Ensure parolee confidentiality is maintained. Coordinate with CDCR, Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) to conduct program audits and to ensure the contractor is providing all services per contract requirements. Immediately notify DRP of any contract violations.

10% Serve as a member of the Aftercare Successful Completion Assessment Team, responsible for reviewing Treatment Incentive Program (TIP) parolees for discharge from parole. Assist with local law enforcement in activities including, but not limited to, offender sweeps as approved and case-conference with the Unit Supervisor

10% Maintain program occupancy by meeting with DAPO field agents to market the programs and increase parolee participation; attend Parole and Community Team (PACT) meetings, liaison with community treatment providers. Attend parole unit meetings to educate agents about available programs and to inform agents about the progress of participating parolees. Meet with local law enforcement, governmental, county, and city agencies, and local community residents as requested to promote and educate them regarding the program. Participate in work groups and activities involving DAPO programs.

5% Assist DRP with the development of new rehabilitative programs for parolees. Attend Best Practices meetings/conferences hosted by DAPO or other CDCR departments in order to achieve higher performance in the delivery of program services and to identify and solve potential issues as it relates to safety.

Extensive travel required.


Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Parole Agent II Specialist 061 - 450 - 9762 - 100
Location County
Southern Region - Admin - OSATS SAN DIEGO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
04/24/2014 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Southern Region - Admin - OSATS
21015 Pathfinder Rd, 200
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Barbara Vasquez
909 468-2300

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