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Salary: $5,571.00 - $7,322.00
Posted: 03/25/2014

Job Description:

To apply for this position, a State Application (STD 678) must be submitted to the contact person listed.

APPLICATION MUST INCLUDE POSITION NUMBER. In the 'Explanations' section of the STD 678, you must indicate your appointment eligibility (list, transfer, permissive reinstatement, etc.).

All types of appointments will be considered. All applicants, regardless of the type of eligibility, must meet the Minimum Qualifications of the classification. To view the Minimum Qualifications, please visit the CalHR website and type in either the class code or title of the classification you are applying for.

If you require confirmation of receipt of your application, please send certified mail.

No faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted.

All methods of appointment may be considered, including lateral transfers and Training and Development assignments (T&D)


Job Description:

Under general direction of the Enterprise Web and Collaboration Solutions System Software Specialist III Supervisor in Enterprise Information Services (EIS) staff and the day-to-day operations supervision of the Chief of COMPSTAT, the Senior Information Systems Analyst (Sr. ISA) Specialist, is responsible for independently, and as part of the COMPSTAT Business Intelligence (BI) team, conducting and facilitating COMPSTAT’s process of developing, collecting, verifying, warehousing, and reporting complex data from more than forty centralized and decentralized data sources owned by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and various CDCR control agencies for the purpose of Department-wide strategic and operational performance measurement. The incumbent must have technical expertise in the various computerized data systems owned/used by CDCR. These data systems are used by COMPSTAT to meet the Department’s requirements for strategic and performance measurement and reporting.

COMPSTAT tracks organizational operations data to measure changes in performance in the areas of safety, security, programs, finance, and operations. The COMPSTAT Sr. ISA (Specialist) performs a variety of most complex tasks including the more independent, responsible, varied and complex technical data collection and manipulation of computerized statistical information in a variety of program languages and computer system platforms.


The incumbent has extensive knowledge of the organization’s business and has the primary responsibility to lead and work collaboratively with COMPSTAT’s BI team in the planning, designing, maintenance, and supporting of the various computer applications for internal and external clients in a heterogeneous network and enterprise data warehouse architecture environments. This position is at the master level and it is expected that the incumbent possesses and demonstrates the highest skills, knowledge, and proficiency with respect to database and system integration technology infrastructure administration concepts, practices, and principles. The Sr. ISA (Specialist) should have a broad understanding of computer research and statistical collection methods and techniques, the ability to synthesize data from a variety of disciplines, and an overall comprehension of research methodology and computerized statistical procedures. The incumbent is thoroughly familiar with Microsoft SharePoint VB & ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL reporting services, Performance Point, Microsoft SQL Server, and database modeling tools. The incumbent is experienced in enterprise system data security, data back-up and data recovery.


The Sr. ISA (Specialist) has the ability to analyze problems accurately, develop appropriate solutions, and recommend effective optional courses of action at the most complex levels, as the technical lead for the identification of data collection and process improvements and to originate and develop new solutions which depart from traditional and existing reporting patterns. The incumbent performs high-level and detailed project planning, coordinates project resources, and leads team efforts to develop IT projects. To be successful, the incumbent is expected to lead one or more teams, coordinate work to team members, and follow-up to ensure assignments are completed accurately and on schedule. The incumbent also directs and motivates team members to achieve project goals.


The Sr. ISA (Specialist) has the highest level of technical knowledge of the application of computerized models to collect, compile, verify partition, integrate, output, and report numerical data. The incumbent has extensive knowledge of the organization’s business and to takes into account the larger business perspective in proposing and designing IT solutions. The incumbent provides technical leadership in the development, implementation and maintenance of very complex data collection and analytical systems. The incumbent performs high-level and detailed project planning, coordinates project resources, and leads team efforts to develop IT projects. To be successful, the incumbent is expected to lead one or more teams, coordinate work to team members, and follow-up to ensure assignments are completed accurately and on schedule. The incumbent also directs and motivates team members to achieve project goals.

Personal Contact:

The incumbent is expected to communicate effectively, orally and in written form with peers in the CDCR as well as with external customers. The incumbent is expected to give verbal presentations and briefings.

The actual duties of the incumbent will include the following:

45% Technical
•Technical lead responsible for the integration of various database applications using client & server, mainframe, and web-based database development tools. Including Microsoft SharePoint, .NET, SQL Reporting Services, HTML, and ASP using Visual Studio as needed.
•Work with Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS.
•Perform as a high-level technical lead that works to develop relational database models, including data models, data flows, and data administration.
•Work as a technical specialist solving the most difficult problems related to database systems integration.
•Has the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
•The incumbent must possess knowledge of database query languages and database design techniques, knowledge of system integration, security, and maintenance, knowledge of SQL and reporting services under the Windows Server Operating System.
•Design complex multi-system application databases.
•Serve as technical project lead on critical IT projects.

25% Analysis
•Independently collect, verify, analyze and compile complex data located in various centralized and decentralized data warehouses contained in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s network with regard to the systematic strategic and operational performance measurement.
•Lead and participate in analysis of statistical data gathered from the various programs statewide to identify issues and questions of operational program performance for Executive Staff. Independently, and as part of a collaborative team, evaluates complex data, draws conclusions, and recommends further analysis of issues based on the content of the data source.
•Evaluates and recommends highly technical computer system interface strategies to standardize data collection and warehousing for the COMPSTAT unit. The Sr. ISA (Spec.) is the technical lead in the compilation of data and findings into computerized statistical reports for use by COMPSTAT staff as well as the executive staff in the resolution of programs related issues.
•Develop implementation plans and report on project status.
•Research, prepare and delivers presentations to users, CDCR management, and outside entities as needed.

25% Leadership
•Subject matter expert and technical advisor to the Chief, COMPSTAT and to OACC Deputy Director.
•The Sr. ISA (Specialist) will provide technical oversight for the Administrative Segregation Tracking Center and the Education Monthly Report.
•Lead and participate in the development of methodologies and standards.
•Develop disaster recovery plans and develop, implement and test disaster recovery processes.
•Be thoroughly familiar with the available tools, methods and procedures to complete assignments.

5% Other Duties
•Attend required hours of In-Service Training as set by departmental standards.
•Train/mentor staff in complex technical areas.
•Participate in formal and informal training programs to strengthen programmer/analyst skills and knowledge of methodologies, techniques, tools, and packages.
•Other duties may be assigned based on operational needs of the unit.

Will consider a Training and Development assignment.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 065 - 623 - 1337 - 007
Location County
9838 Old Placerville Rd, Ste 200, Sacramento, 95827 SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
04/17/2014 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Enterprise Information Services
1940 Birkmont Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Mesha Maximo

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