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Salary: $5,076.00 - $6,670.00
Posted: 03/17/2014

Job Description:
This position is in San Francisco. Under the general direction of the District Principal Auditor (DPA), the Supervising Tax Auditor (STA) I is responsible for the implementation of the internship/student assistant program for this office. As part of this new program the STA I develops, trains, coordinates and monitor the work of the Student Assistants (SA) and Graduate Student Assistants (GSA). The STA I independently supervises a crew of field auditors conducting audits of moderate to high level difficulty. The STA I is also responsible for a variety of audit and administrative functions which includes administrative activities relative to enforcing applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures, and overall office administration and support. As part of these operational functions, the STA I conducts or directs staff, including the SA and GSA, to conduct other functions, including investigations, analysis and evaluations of taxpayer-provided documents, books and records, and financial documents. The incumbent integrates and applies practices, policies and procedures across audit functions. The STA I also has the responsibility to motivate staff and monitor their performance. Meeting the training requirements for this position may require overnight travel for up to five consecutive nights. The position is located in a high-rise building. All applicants will be considered; however, SROA/Surplus will be given priority. Please submit your standard State Application, Form 678, along with your responses to the supplemental questionnaire to the following email: Travel required 10% of the time.

This supplemental questionnaire is designed to assist in reviewing your qualifications for the position of a Supervising Tax Auditor. Applications submitted without a completed questionnaire will not receive further consideration for this position. Please limit your response to no more than two typed pages.

1) In this position the supervising tax auditor will lead a team of student assistants that have an interest in learning about tax auditing. Please describe your experiences leading and training new employees.

2) In this position the supervising tax auditor will need to balance the time spent training new employees with our effort to attain our “wildly important goal” – reducing the hours expended on completed audits by the district office by twenty percent. Please describe your strategy to achieve both efforts.

3) Please describe why you believe you will be successful as a supervising tax auditor.

4) Please describe how you would handle the following employees: Employee A consistently arrives to work late, does not complete assignments in a timely manner and makes frequent errors in reports. Employee B has good attendance record, arrives to work on time and completes assignments on time.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 290 - 023 - 4280 - 900
Location County
SUTD/San Francisco District SAN FRANCISCO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Limited Term  24 month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
04/01/2014 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
SUTD/San Francisco District

Mike Lorenz
(415) 356-6564

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