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Salary: $5,065.00 - $6,660.00
Posted: 01/08/2014

Job Description:
Interested individuals should submit a STD 678, Examination and/or Employment Application to the address listed under “Contact Information”. Please indicate your eligibility and reference the position number/location in the “Job Title” section of the application. The STD. 678 can be accessed through the State Personnel Board’s website at Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview. Applications WILL NOT be accepted via e-mail. All hiring methods will be considered.


Supervision: Under the general administrative direction of the, Project, Portfolio & Resource Management Unit (PPRMU) Manager, a Data Processing Manager II, the Staff Information Systems Analyst (SISA) will serve as a team member for CDCR information technology (IT) Resource Management, Project Management, Portfolio Management and IT Governance related processes. At times, for specific PPRMU related initiatives, the SISA may also take direction from the Senior Information Systems Analyst, Specialist within the PPRMU. The SISA will participate in the development, deployment and management of the Department’s Resource Management, Project Management, Portfolio Management and IT Governance policies, best practices and processes –ensuring they align with various control agency requirements. The SISA will plan, design, and carry out assignments independently, given administrative direction by the manager.

Knowledge: This is a journey level position for which the incumbent must possess general knowledge regarding each of the PPRMU areas of responsibility – resource, project and portfolio management, as well as IT Governance best practices. The SISA must also have knowledge of information technology concepts, practices, methods and principles, with emphasis on those statewide IT polices, instructions, and guidelines administered by the California Department of Technology (CDT). In addition, the incumbent must possess knowledge and understanding of the phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle and Project Management industry trends, best practices, and standards. To be successful in this position, the incumbent must have an understanding of project management and monitoring tools such as Microsoft Project. Knowledge of Project Management Institute (PMI) or other generally accepted project management standards is required. The incumbent applies this knowledge to IT projects and initiatives, and imparts this knowledge to project managers and any/all CDCR staff who desire to effectively practice project, portfolio and resource management principles. The incumbent must possess knowledge of the CDCR mission and business functions in order to take into account the larger business perspective.

Guidelines: The SISA must interpret and apply requirements, standards and guidelines for IT Project, Portfolio and Resource Management and IT Governance reporting across the organization. Additionally, the incumbent will be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining policies, processes, and procedures in support of CDT requirements and generally accepted best practices for all PPRMU areas of responsibility.

Complexity: This position works at the journey level and requires continuing efforts to establish concepts, theories, or programs. The incumbent will be required to train/mentor EIS staff, management and customers in the use of Project, Portfolio, and Resource Management processes and methodologies, as well as any processes related to IT Governance. Additionally, the incumbent works closely with the Department’s major stakeholders to align the IT Strategic and Tactical plans with the Department’s business objectives and establish performance measures which document the progress in meeting those objectives and identify areas for further improvements.

Scope and Effect: The SISA participates in IT Project and Resource Management consulting where the implementation of advice or plans has a significant impact on the organization’s business success. The scope of work affects IT projects and the prioritization and management of all IT resources required to achieve the primary mission of CDCR. The systems developed via these projects are deployed to thousands of state and local law enforcement personnel, and provide data necessary for officer and public safety. They are also deployed to ensure the safe and secure housing of all the Department’s inmates and wards and the safe and effective working environment of its staff.

Personal Contact: The SISA consults with or advises management, administrative and executive staff on the planning, development, implementation and coordination of IT issues. The incumbent frequently contacts program area staff and vendors to provide oversight and adherence to contractual terms for project, portfolio and resource management deliverables. The incumbent communicates effectively verbally and in writing at the Control Agency, Department, and Division level. At this level, the incumbent is well organized and communicates effectively, verbally and in written form with peers in the CDCR as well as with external entities. The incumbent writes status reports, and reviews products produced by IT staff throughout the department at levels from line staff to CDCR executive management. The incumbent also gives verbal presentations to customers and briefings to EIS and CDCR management.

Purpose of Contacts: In the normal course of work, the incumbent is expected to justify, defend, negotiate, and settle matters involving significant or controversial issues, communicating at the Control Agency, Department, and Division level.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

50% CDCR IT Resource and Portfolio Management Program
•Develop and maintain policies, best practices and processes to be used by all Enterprise Information Services (EIS) managers and staff to effectively manage IT resource allocations, availability and assignment to all IT projects and operational workload.
•Partner with the EIS Applications Maintenance and Support Unit, SharePoint/Web Solutions, to ensure all business requirements for IT Resource and Portfolio Management are satisfied by the automated tools, Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Portfolio Server.
•Review and interpret all CDCR EIS IT Resource and Portfolio Management practices for alignment with and support of any CDT policies and requirements.
•Maintain a portfolio and resource management plan for EIS.
•Develop, convert, and retain all Enterprise Project Management resource, project, portfolio, and cost accounting information for active management of projects, as well as for historical purposes, per records retention cycles.
•Provide and maintain timely and accurate project, portfolio, and resource information and reports for the organization’s Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management activities, including the ability to produce reports, as required, by all EIS portfolio and resource stakeholders – EIS management and staff, CDCR executives, control agencies, etc.
•Develop, implement, and apply performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of EIS IT projects.

40% CDCR IT Governance Program
•Develop and maintain IT Governance policies, best practices and processes to be used throughout the Department to make decisions regarding the most effective development, management and procurement of technology to ensure the most mission critical business objectives can be achieved.
•Partner with the EIS Applications Maintenance and Support Unit, SharePoint/Web Solutions, to ensure all business requirements for IT Governance are satisfied by the automated tools, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Portfolio Server and Microsoft SharePoint.
•Monitor and evaluate any IT Governance policies by CDT and incorporate into CDCR's IT Governance practices as needed.
•Provide and maintain timely and accurate reports of project, portfolio, resource and workload information for the Department’s IT Governance entities and activities.
•Support the scheduling, agenda setting, document preparation, facilitation and outcome reporting of IT Governance meetings at various organizational levels – EIS operational management, EIS Executive Management, CDCR Executive and Cabinet Management levels.

10% Train and Mentor
•Whenever and wherever possible, advocate the use of Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), Resource Management (RM) and IT Governance best practices, including the systems and tools designed to support those best practices. This includes training EIS and CDCR management and staff in the use of the EPMO-developed practices, templates and tools and the most valuable ways in which they can collect, store, use, and report on PPM and RM data.
•Review and interpret current state IT resource management, portfolio management and IT Governance policies, instructions and guidelines and advise executives and staff of any impact to CDCR practices. •Develop, implement, deliver and maintain training curriculum to ensure policies, practices and processes are appropriately followed for IT resource management, portfolio management and IT Governance. •Mentor CDCR personnel on the effective use of the project, portfolio, and resource management processes. •Participate in EIS Project Management Roundtable meetings for sharing lessons learned and various workshops and user groups related to resource, project and portfolio best practices.

To apply for this position, a State Application (STD 678) must be submitted to the contact person listed. In the “Explanations” section of the STD 678, you must indicate your appointment eligibility (list, transfer, permissive reinstatement, etc.). All types of appointments will be considered. All applicants, regardless of the type of eligibility, must meet the Minimum Qualifications of the classification. To view the Minimum Qualifications, please visit the CalHR website (this will be a hyperlink) and type in either the class code or title of the classification you are applying for.”


Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 065 - 639 - 1312 - 002
Location County
1940 Birkmont Dr., Rancho Cordova, 95742 SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Until Filled None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Enterprise Information Services
1940 Birkmont Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Patrice Betancur

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