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Salary: $3,077.00 - $5,882.00
Posted: 11/06/2013

Job Description:
The Enforcement and Emergency Response Division (EERD), Cypress/San Diego Enforcement Branch is responsible for conducting inspections, investigations and enforcement activities related to hazardous waste management statutes and regulations, and providing technical and enforcement support to federal, state, local agencies, and the regulated community involved with these activities.

Under close supervision at Range A, general supervision at Range B, and general direction at Range C from a Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory) in the Enforcement & Emergency Response Division (EERD), the Range A incumbent performs the less difficult scientific and hazardous substances management work; the Range B incumbent performs scientific program work of average difficulty and may act as a team leader on projects of average complexity; and the Range C incumbent works independently in teams or as a team leader, and performs a variety of complex tasks related to Enforcement Branch responsibilities. Specific duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Inspections and Investigations
Plans, organizes, and initiates inspection and investigation related activities, which require the incumbent to work in the field, including but not limited to: inspection of hazardous waste generators, transporters, electronic waste handlers, handlers of certain products with hazardous materials, and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities to determine compliance with hazardous waste control laws and regulations; investigation of complaints of alleged illegal hazardous waste activities. Coordinates and conducts joint and/or multi-media inspections with federal and other state and local agencies. Investigates and evaluates voluntary self-disclosures against the California Environmental Protection Agency’s (Cal/EPA) voluntary disclosure guidelines and provides technical support to businesses that self-disclose violations. Reviews and evaluates draft hazardous waste facility permits, operation plans and proposed permit modifications to ensure the documents are complete, technically sound, enforceable with hazardous waste laws and regulations, and are written in a clear and concise style.

Inspections and investigations require the incumbent to evaluate: material process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams in assessing the generation of hazardous waste and adequacy of storage and treatment systems and disposal practices; tank integrity assessments and certifications (including secondary containment structures); waste determinations and analytical results, recycling methods, and land disposal restriction data, and the interpretation thereof; compliance with air emission standards for process vents and equipment leaks from process vents and air emissions for tanks, surface impoundments and containers; and compliance with state and federal exemptions and exclusions regarding hazardous waste. Gathers and maintains documentary, photographic, and sample evidence of inspection findings. Transports samples as needed.

Enforcement Related Activities
Participates in settlement negotiations of enforcement cases and, when necessary, represents DTSC in the pursuit of administrative, civil, and criminal enforcement actions. Prepares penalty matrices and rationale for evaluation and ultimately for enforcement referral to DTSC’s Office of Legal Affairs, the Office of the Attorney General, or the local City and/or County District Attorney. Coordinates case development with prosecuting attorneys and related agency staff. Testifies in court as an expert witness. Prepares and processes consent orders for settling administrative enforcement actions. Prepares final legal enforcement referrals and administrative orders for violations of state statutes regulations and permit requirements.

Inspection Reports and Envirostor
Prepares written inspection reports; summaries of violations; affidavits for obtaining inspection or search warrants and statements of facts with detailed descriptions of defendants’ alleged violations, evidence and witnesses. Maintains and reviews project files for inspection and enforcement projects to allow for appropriate public access while maintaining required confidentiality. Inputs inspection, investigation, and enforcement information into EnviroStor Inspection, Complaint and Enforcement database as it occurs in a timely fashion, and completes other program data and reporting requirements necessary for program implementation and management. Prepares pre- and post-inspection Health and Safety documents.

Regulatory Assistance, Review and Development
Provides regulatory assistance to facilities regulated under state and federal hazardous waste laws and regulations and prepares responses to the public, industry and the legislature about current hazardous waste management regulatory issues and its implementation. Participates in DTSC workgroups developing new regulatory packages that are technically sound and prepared in a clear, concise style. Participates in public hearings on proposed regulations and reviews and responds to public comments generated from public hearings. Reviews and comments on draft regulatory packages, and departmental guidance policies and procedures. Coordinates with Senior Environmental Scientists (Specialist and Supervisory) through the branch and division to develop and maintain consistent policies, procedures, and specifications.

Administrative Duties
Performs administrative duties including, but not limited to: adheres to Department policies, rules, and procedures; submits administrative requests including leave, overtime, travel, and training in a timely and appropriate manner; accurately reports time in the Daily Log system and submits timesheets by the due date.

Other Related Duties
Other related duties include, but are not limited to: Attends job-related departmental meeting, and trainings. Provides on the job training for new staff.

WORKING CONDITIONS: The incumbent works inside a building in close proximity with other employees and typical office equipment such as computers, telecommunications equipment, photocopiers, and fax machines. The incumbent is in frequent contact with internal and external stakeholders via telephone, videoconferencing, and electronic mail. The incumbent may be required to work in situations which have the potential for exposure to hazardous substances and/or hazardous waste. The incumbent may be required to conduct field work in rough and uneven terrain.

Position requires the ability to travel on short notice, overnight and for multiple days and gets to their duty station (e.g., facility to be inspected) independently. Ability to will work out in the field to perform inspections.. Ability to complete and maintain Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (Hazwoper) certification to perform hazardous waste field work, which includes the initial 40-hour Hazwoper required training and annual 8-hour Hazwoper refresher classes. Incumbent shall be able to wear personal protective equipment including a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and/or an air purifying respirator, and be able to wear equipment weighing as much as 40 pounds. The incumbent shall maintain compliance with all the Health and Safety field work certification.Ability to manage and utilize electronic data using common computer software and the ability to be flexible and objective. Knowledge of Hazardous Waste Control Laws and Regulations; knowledge of Safer Consumer Products and Toxics in Products and Packaging laws and regulations; knowledge of Enforcement and Emergency Response Division policies and procedures. The incumbent must have the ability to effectively research, interpret and apply laws, regulations, technical guidance, and proposed regulations; analyze complex data and reason logically to reach accurate and defendable conclusions and recommendations to stakeholders both within and outside the Department; ability to analyze complex regulatory issues and provide sound recommendations and/or feedback to management within DTSC; ability to establish and maintain cooperative relations with state, federal, and local agencies and the regulated community; ability to maintain confidentiality in handling enforcement actions and other confidential matters; ability to prepare clear, complete, grammatically correct, and technically accurate reports and other documents; ability to effectively communicate information both orally and in writing; ability to work with non-cooperative people and potentially hostile individuals. Work in an adversarial role with the regulated community while maintaining an unbiased and professional demeanor; ability to plan, lead, and/or facilitate meetings; ability to lead a team with varying technical backgrounds and representing several regional offices. The incumbent must also have expertise in taking effective action and developing solutions and alternate plans of action.

WHO MAY APPLY: Eligible candidates who are current State employees with status in the above classification of lateral transfers from an equivalent class, former State employees who can reinstate into this class, or persons who are reachable on a current employment list for this classification. All methods of appointments, including Training and Development Assignments (T&D) may be considered. All interested applicants must submit a standard State Application Form STD 678 (with original signature) and MUST clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility and the position number in the “EXAMINATION(S) OR JOB TITLE(S) FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING” section.

SROA and Surplus candidates are encouraged to apply. Appointment is subject to SROA and State surplus policies. Surplus candidates must submit a copy of their surplus status letter.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be considered.

A 60-day candidate pool may be established for subsequent vacancies. Applications sent through the U.S. postal service, must be postmarked by the final filing date. If this position(s) requires a certificate, degree or license, please attach a copy.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Environmental Scientist 810 - 964 - 0762 - 430
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Administrative Services
5796 Corporate Avenue
Cypress, 90630
Ariel Aparejo
(714) 484-5312

Special Requirements:
Supervisor: Richard Hubbell

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