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Salary: $4,833.00 - $6,050.00
Posted: 11/01/2013

Job Description:

Position: Research Program Specialist I (GIS)

Permanent, Full-Time

Salary: $4,833 - $6,050

Position Number: 538-600-7418-XXX

HR 200 – 73

Location: Sacramento

This position is subject to the Department’s Conflict of Interest Code.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The Research Program Specialist I (GIS) uses highly specialized knowledge of research techniques, database and Internet application and design, and Geographic Information Systems to provide technical leadership and support for the Office of Mine Reclamation.


  • Serves as primary lead to direct and oversee all aspects of OMR’s GIS, spatial data, databases and data management program operations. Lead in design, development, testing and maintenance of spatial data within OMR’s Enterprise Geodatabase and network servers; develops policies and procedures regarding OMR’s spatial data that are compliant with the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) and State guidelines and directives; provides primary oversight of OMR’s external web maps and web map services; lead in design, development, testing and maintenance of OMR’s internal web maps and web map services; directs GIS staff resources; develops and manages OMR’s Volunteer GIS program.
  • Serves as technical liaison to DOC’s Enterprise Technology Services Division; investigates new GIS and database technologies; locates, vets and acquires new sources of spatial data to assist program staff with analysis; develops applications using current GIS industry standard code language for efficient calculations using different data sets; develops scripts for queries to enhance evaluation of large datasets; works with other technical staff and unit managers to develop and integrate queries; continue to develop databases or resources that can be used program-wide; make recommendations for additional digital databases needed within the program.
  • Serves as lead in providing OMR with complex spatial data analysis. Performs statistical studies, proximity analyses, researches spatial data patterns and anomalies, utilizes LiDAR, imagery and 3D modeling for highly technical analysis, provides advanced research using OMR created spatial data, other digital spatial datasets used by outside agencies, and other techniques and methodologies associated with GIS. Provides GIS technical support, “de-bugging” expertise, creates methodologies and tutorials, oversees updates of OMR’s digital maps by guiding staff work to ensure adherence to established standards and procedures, and serves as lead in-house GIS trainer for both technical and non-technical program staff. Serves as lead GIS trainer for OMR staff. Serves as lead cartographer for OMR.
  • Designs, maintains and produces maps, map templates and web maps. Produces specialized maps at DOC’s request for the Director, legislators, and stakeholders. Improves program efficiencies and products by identifying internal needs, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and obstacles, and maintains responsibility within OMR for procurement, configuration, troubleshooting, and support of complex hardware, software, services, and licenses for GIS products used. Provides agency level GIS coordination and cooperation.
  • Provides coordination between OMR, other DOC divisions, and outside agencies regarding the distribution and coordination of spatial and non-spatial data. Works cooperatively with other professionals concerned with GIS and other advanced digital mapping and database management techniques. Provides consultative advice to other agencies and entities. Represents OMR’s GIS interests with other agencies and the public. Participates in advisory or technical workgroups.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS : Work independently, organize and set priorities on assignments, and meet deadlines. Effective communication skills including both verbal and written skills; ability to work well with other disciplines and good customer service skills.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified will be invited for an interview.

WHO MAY APPLY : Individuals who are currently in the classification, eligible for lateral transfer, or with list eligibility. All interested applicants must submit a standard State Application Form STD 678 (with original signature), and must clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility on the STD 678. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be selected for an interview. SROA and Surplus candidates should attach “surplus letters” to their applications.

PLEASE NOTE : Possession of minimum qualifications will be verified prior to the interview and/or appointment. If it is determined an applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications, the application will be forwarded to the State Personnel Board for review and the applicant’s name may be removed from the eligibility list.

Please submit application/resume to : Department of Conservation, Human Resources Office, Attention: Ms. Chen Chong, 801 K Street, MS 22-13, Sacramento, CA 95814-3580. For more information about the position call Chen Chong at 916-324-9378.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Research Program Specialist I (GIS) 538 - 600 - 7418 - XXX
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Admin/Human Resources
801 K Street, MS 22-13
Sacramento, CA 95814-3580
Ms. Chen Chong

Special Requirements:

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