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Salary: $5,571.00 - $7,322.00
Posted: 10/30/2013

Job Description:
Interested individuals should submit a STD 678, Examination and/or Employment Application to the address listed under “Contact Information”. Please indicate your eligibility and reference the position number/location in the “Job Title” section of the application. The STD. 678 can be accessed through the State Personnel Board’s website at Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview. Applications WILL NOT be accepted via e-mail. All hiring methods will be considered.


Supervision: Under the general direction of the IT Policy and Strategic Planning Data Processing Manager II within Policy Planning Project Management and Acquisitions (PPPMA) Section, Enterprise Information Services (EIS), the Senior Information Systems Analyst, Specialist (Sr. ISA, Spec.) will serve as the lead developer, reviewer, and advisor for the EIS information technology (IT) Strategic Plan. The incumbent will act as a technical expert and provide recommendations, perform planning activities, provide input to strategies and objectives, and monitor deliverables. This individual will develop and maintain the EIS IT Strategic Plan to align, and be in compliance with the requirements of the State of California’s IT Strategic Plan and with the Department’s Business Strategic Plan. Additionally, the Sr. ISA Spec. will coordinate and keep up-to-date Chapter 4 – Information Technology of the Department Operations Manual (DOM). The incumbent will identify those articles within the chapter that require updating, solicit current input to the DOM, edit drafts, and assume responsibility for the publication of new/revised or deleted articles. The incumbent will solicit and maintain an ongoing relationship with the Regulation and Policy Management Branch (RPMB) in order to understand their requirements for DOM publication and stakeholder routing. The incumbent will ensure that stakeholders’ reviews of proposed policy are timely, thorough, and appropriate to each policy.

Knowledge: The incumbent will perform at the expert level and have a thorough grasp of emerging industry trends, tools, complex technical issues, system components, protocols and architectures. The incumbent has a global perspective of the Department’s business enterprise and supports the formulation of IT strategy, policy goals, long range plans, and new directives. The incumbent must have extensive knowledge of IT concepts, practices, methods and principles. In addition, the incumbent must possess a strong background in facilitation, governance, and project management processes and disciplines. The incumbent applies this knowledge to IT projects and initiatives and imparts this knowledge to EIS managers and team members. The incumbent is expected to have advanced knowledge of the Department’s mission and business function in order to take into account the larger business perspective. The incumbent has an understanding of the State budgeting process, legislative and administrative procedures and the roles and responsibilities of oversight and regulatory agencies such as the Department of General Services (DGS), the California DOT, and the Department of Finance (DOF). The incumbent must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

In order to assess and stay current with needed DOM revisions, the incumbent must develop and sustain working relationships with multiple business units. The incumbent must be aware of the DOM’s other chapters that may have an impact on EIS. In such cases, the incumbent is responsible for approaching other CDCR units for EIS’s inclusion as a stakeholder or as needed to suggest relevant EIS updates.

Guidelines: The incumbent is responsible for critical and complex projects where the consequence of errors in decision making or giving advice may have a serious and or long lasting effect on the operating efficiency of the Department. The incumbent must interpret and apply requirements, standards and guidelines as contained with the State Administrative Manual (SAM), the State Information Management Manual (SIMM), and the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The incumbent must develop, implement and maintain policy, process, and procedure in support of DOT.

Complexity: The incumbent serves as a technical consultant to management and executive staff in the area of IT support, practices, and expectations. The incumbent is responsible for guiding the organization in its efforts to plan strategically and identify the need for specific projects, for developing planning commitments, and for ensuring that projects are consistent with the Department’s overall State IT plans. The breadth of the position includes developing and implementing, as well as maintaining, processes and procedures for the development and updating of the various components included in the IT Strategic Plan. The incumbent is responsible for coordination of project activities and ensuring timelines are accomplished as identified in the IT Strategic Plan. The incumbent works closely with the Department’s major stakeholders to align the IT Strategic plan with the Department’s business objectives and establish performance measures which document the progress in meeting those objectives, goals and strategies, and identifying areas for further improvement. The incumbent possesses leadership ability to mentor organizational staff and relate to CDCR program management and staff.

The incumbent must understand and adhere to RPMB’s policies and processes for updating the DOM. The incumbent must understand the various and potential business impacts of the DOM sufficiently so that the incumbent can make decisions and provide suggestions regarding stakeholder reviews and requirements.

Scope and Effect: The incumbent independently coordinates and facilitates business areas within and throughout CDCR to ensure efforts are captured, coordinated, prioritized into the IT Strategic Plan, as the scope and content of the Plan represents and impacts all programs utilizing IT resources for business processing, and it includes content relative to enterprise architecture, information security, governance, project management and portfolio management. Systems deployed resulting from these attributes are deployed to thousands of state and local law enforcement personnel and provide data necessary for officer and public safety. The Sr. ISA (Spec.) must be able to provide technical and team leadership with a high degree of versatility and knowledge. The Sr. ISA (Spec.) provides IT consulting where the implementation of advice or plans has a significant impact on the organization’s business success. The incumbent is often included in project activities in which the incumbent’s breadth of knowledge of EIS and its policies and procedures are utilized.

Personal Contact: The Sr. ISA (Spec.) consults with or advises management, administrative, and executive staff on the planning, development, implementation and coordination of IT Strategic Plan activities. At this level, the incumbent must be well organized and communicate effectively both verbally and in written form with peers in the Department, as well as, with external entities. The incumbent assigns, tracks, coordinates, writes, reviews correspondence, writes reports and delivers presentations at levels from line staff to CDCR executive management. The incumbent also provides verbal presentations to customers and briefings to EIS and CDCR management. The incumbent attends external control agency IT Strategic Plan meetings with the Chief, PPSS, to represent CDCR. On a regular basis, the incumbent has contact with IT staff, and external entities to coordinate problem solving and ensure conformity of methods and practices. In the normal course of business, the incumbent is expected to justify, defend, negotiate, and settle matters involving significant or controversial issues. The incumbent must demonstrate a high level of communication and interpersonal skills.

Purpose of Contacts: The Sr. ISA (Spec) consults with or advises management, administrative, and executive staff on the planning, development, implementation and coordination of tasks required for completing the IT Strategic Plan. In the normal course of work, the incumbent is expected to communicate with staff at the Control Agency, Department, and Division level. From time to time, the incumbent is required to provide status reports to the highest levels of CDCR executive management. The incumbent must possess the ability to provide quantitative information, and consider and value differing viewpoints, goals, or objectives. The incumbent must possess the ability to motivate, persuade and lead individuals or groups.

The duties of the incumbent include, but are not limited to, the following:

30% Plan, coordinate, and compile the IT Strategic Plan
•Identify IT Strategic Plan participants and contributors.
•Create and maintain project schedule and timelines for completing the IT Strategic Plan.
•Maintain IT Strategic Plan SharePoint site to ensure current and relevant content.
•Plan, coordinate, and facilitate preparation of all IT Strategic Plan content with contributors.
•Prepare regular status reports and lead status meetings with EIS management.
•Identify and track risks and issues which could potentially impact the successful and timely completion of the IT Strategic Plan.
•Serve as single point of contact for all IT Strategic Plan stakeholders and DOT to ensure consistent communication and partnership.
•Support and utilize CDCR's standard Project Management Methodology.
•Maintain documentation on CDCR's processes for improving the alignment of business and technology.
•Participate in developing, maintaining and utilizing a formal portfolio management methodology for technology projects.
•Assist with developing and editing the IT Strategic Plan content.
•Assist other IT Strategic Plan contributors with developing their individual material and supporting documents.
•Review, synthesize, and consolidate all IT Strategic Plan components prepared by contributors to ensure alignment with requirements and expectations are met.
•Facilitate and coordinate stakeholder and executive review and approval.
•Lead meetings and other activities as required.

25% Develop, implement, maintain and support IT Strategic Plan policies, procedures, and processes while acting as the IT Strategic Plan Liaison and Representative
•Keep abreast of changes in IT Strategic Plan policies and strategies. •Review and interpret current and new state policies relevant to the IT Strategic Plan.
•Identify individual deliverables and tasks required to complete the IT Strategic Plan, maintain work breakdown structure.
•Participate in IT Governance.
•Coordinate review and approval of all new IT project proposals with CDCR IT Governance entity and facilitate the prioritization process on all new approved proposals.
•Obtain and maintain required information on all new approved proposals to incorporate into subsequent IT Strategic Plan.
•Analyze CDCR’s strategic and business plans to determine and understand evolving changes to CDCR's business needs.
•Develop and maintain written policies, procedures, and processes for updating the IT Strategic Plan.
•Educate and market to CDCR staff and executive management the IT Strategic Plan policy, procedures, and processes.
•Establish and maintain regular communication with IT Strategic Plan participant program areas.
•Serve as CDCR liaison with DOT related to IT Strategic Plan matters.
•Perform other project planning activities as needed and directed by management, such as, analyzing policy issues, preparing issue papers, developing special reports, providing guidance to department staff, and developing work plans.
•Participate in formal and informal training programs to strengthen proficiency.
•Participate in Department and Division meetings and other activities as required.
•Promote IT Strategic Plan benefits, process, outcomes, results, and compliance with IT Strategic Plan policies, practices and processes.
•Prepare and deliver presentations to various audiences including business, IT management, and executive management.
•Provide expertise in the areas of the IT Strategic Plan.
•Promote departmental processes for improving the alignment of business and technology.

35% Develop, implement, maintain and support DOM IT policies
•Manage the updating of the EIS DOM Chapter 4 – Information Technology.
•Be aware of and adhere to RPMB’s policies and practices re updating the DOM.
•Communicate orally and in writing with RPMB staff who partner with EIS to ensure DOM relevance and timeliness.
•Identify and facilitate buy-in by DOM stakeholders.
•Respond to questions re DOM IT policy intent.
•Track the speed of stakeholder reviews so that reminders occur as needed.
•Edit policy drafted by other EIS staff for format, content, accuracy, completeness, and relevance. 10% Execute scheduled and non-scheduled administrative tasks as required
•On a yearly basis, complete a records inventory as requested by the Department of General Services (DGS) and submit a Records Management Progress Report to DGS.
•Once a year, as requested by the Regional Accounting Office (RAO), evaluate the out-of-state (OST) travel needs of EIS units in order to prepare an OST Travel Request (OST Blanket) to be approved by the Director, EIS and the RAO. In concert with completing the OST forms, provide documentation explaining each requested trip’s justification.
•On an ad hoc basis, create OST requests that were not included in the yearly OST blanket.
•Use graphics (e.g., Visio and PowerPoint) to create flow charts and other visuals for ease of communicating for multiple EIS units.

All hires are subject to hiring freeze and/or budget approval

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 065 - 620 - 1337 - 015
Location County
1940 Birkmont Dr., Rancho Cordova, 95742 SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Until Filled None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Enterprise Information Services
1940 Birkmont Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Teri Stephensen

Special Requirements:

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