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Salary: $5,065.00 - $6,660.00
Posted: 10/30/2013

Job Description:
POSITION: Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) TENURE: LIMITED TERM EXPIRING 06/30/14 TIME BASE: Full Time LOCATION: Fremont SALARY: $5,065.00 - $6,660.00 DUTIES: Under the direction of the Director, and with oversight from the State Special Schools Division Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and CDE Technology Services Division (TSD), the Staff Information Systems Analyst (SISA) serves as a primary WAN and LAN contact person with responsibilities to include, but not limited to: monitoring network usage; monitoring the operation of the WAN with special attention to security and Anti-virus recognition; and resolution of both LAN and WAN problems at DCN. The SISA serves as member of the Division of State Special Schools Information Technology Committee (SSSD-ITC), and collaborates and coordinates with the Division Office, CTO, and Department’s Technology Services Division (TSD) on IT design, procurement, installation, and security of network software and hardware. The SISA maintains an inventory of WAN hardware and software by the use of Active Directory or other approved system software, assists other sites in operational recovery of both WAN and local LAN systems, consults with other SSSD LAN/WAN managers and, as needed, assists in troubleshooting and problem resolution. This includes coordinating repairs with LAN/WAN managers, vendors and other agencies, providing technical expertise as required and in consultation with the SSSD CTO, and coordinating network connectivity with other agencies in collaboration with and approval by SSSD CTO. As site local area network (LAN) administrator, the SISA provides day-to-day technical support to DCN staff or network infrastructure and internal systems software and hardware; manages the design, procurement, installation, security, upgrading and maintenance of hardware/software; oversees the implementation of new technologies, evaluates new hardware and software prior to integration into the network; resolves hardware and software issues, and analyzes complex network malfunction to determine appropriate action for correcting the malfunction. The SISA also manages and monitors integration of data and telecommunications with outside carriers and agencies; insures system reliability, availability, and performance (response time) are at acceptable levels; and, defines, configures, installs, maintains, monitors, and troubleshoots the LAN, including all servers, firewalls, web access, e-mail, back-ups, antivirus, etc. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of LAN and WAN technologies and the technical expertise to provide day-to-day technical support to DCN staff or network infrastructure and internal systems, software and hardware. Ability to provide and apply technical expertise in managing, directing and coordinating repairs and network connectivity. Ability to design, procure, install, secure, upgrade, troubleshoot and maintain hardware/software systems. Ability to maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot the LAN, including all servers, firewalls, web access, e-mail back-ups, antivirus, etc. Ability to prioritize work assignments and take initiative. Good interpersonal skills. Ability to work within time constraints. Ability to work as a member of a team or independently. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Strong organizational skills. Perform other duties and tasks as required. WHO MAY APPLY: Individuals who have eligibility for appointment to the above class (e.g., transfer, list, reinstatement). All applicants must clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility in the “Explanations” section on the Standard Application Form (Std 678). Employment provisions as outlined by the California Department of Human Resources’ State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) policy will prevail. In addition, current or future executive orders relative to filling vacant positions may also affect this process. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified will be interviewed. PLEASE NOTE: Possession of minimum qualifications will be verified prior to interview and/or appointment. If it is determined an applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications, the applicant will be removed from the eligibility list. HOW TO APPLY: Submit a State Application (Form 678) to: Diagnostic Center North 39100 Gallaudet Drive Fremont, CA 94538 Attention: Robin Zane, Director 510-794-2500 APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY: November 13, 2013 California Relay (Telephone) Service for the Deaf or Hearing Impaired: TDD Phones 1-800-735-2929 Voice Phones 1-800-735-2922 CALIFORNIA STATE GOVERNMENT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER TO ALL REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOR, CREED, NATIONAL ORIGIN, ANCESTRY, SEX, MARITAL STATUS, DISABILITY, RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL AFFILIATION, AGE OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 199 - 020 - 1312 - 002
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Limited Term  06 month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
11/13/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone

39100 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
Robin Zane

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