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Salary: $5,849.00 - $7,688.00
Posted: 10/03/2013

Job Description:

For a complete Duty Statement, please contact Yvette Saldivar at

This This position requires the incumbent to maintain consistent and regular attendance

This position is designated under the Conflict of Interest Code. The position is responsible for making, or participating in the making of governmental decisions that may potentially have a material effect on personal financial interests. The appointee is required to complete form 700 within 30 days of appointment. Failure to comply with the Conflict of Interest Code requirements may void the appointment.

All work is to be accomplished in accordance with the laws, rules, regulation, and/or guidelines of the Department of General Services (DGS). The incumbent will ensure the State’s purchasing operations are in compliance with State and Federal laws relating to procurement and contracts, Public Contract Code (PCC), State Administrative Manual (SAM), Government Code, Management Memos, and Executive orders.

The Department of General Services’ (DGS) Core Values and Expectations of Supervisors and Managers are key to the success of the Department’s Mission. That mission is to “Deliver results by providing timely, cost-effective services and products that support our customers.” DGS managers and supervisors are to adhere to the Core Values and Expectations of Supervisors and Managers, and to exhibit and promote behavior consistent with those values and expectations.

SELECTION CRITERIA - - Reference RPA #7312 on your application
• Please submit a completed State Application (STD 678) and resume to the address above.
• SROA/Surplus, Re-employment employees are encouraged to apply.
• Transfers, reinstatements or recruitment from another list may be considered. Consideration may be given to applicants on another department’s list provided certain criteria are met.
• Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled.
• All methods of hires will be considered.


In order to manage the protest resolution and contract dispute processes in accordance with current Government Codes and Regulations, Public Contract Codes, State Administrative Manual, Uniform Commercial Code, State Contracting Manual, Management Memos, Executive Orders, etc.
• Directly responsible for the most complex and politically sensitive aspects and functions of the protest and contract dispute resolution process, particularly in respect to information technology acquisitions.
• Acts as coordinator for protests filed under PCC 10300 and 12125 (Alternative Protest) including reviewing Invitations for Bid or Requests for Proposal to determine appropriateness of an IT or non-IT goods solicitation for participation in the Alternative Protest process and ensuring solicitation contains the necessary information about the protest process, and evaluating merits for protests filed to make a preliminary determination of whether a protest should be determined frivolous.
• Acts as a liaison between acquisition buyers throughout the state, legal counsel for the State, the awardee and those who file a protest to assess the merit of the protesting supplier’s grounds for protest, to understand the buyer’s documentation and solicitation activities surrounding IT and Non-IT goods acquisitions.
• Develops both traditional and alternative protest procedures for systematic response to code and regulations requirements. Sets unit goals and priorities.
• Supervises Staff EDP Acquisition Specialists and analytical staff by providing instruction on job requirements, methods, priorities and deadlines; ensures performance of staff regarding compliance with laws, policies and procedures regarding IT and non-IT goods protests and contract disputes; selects staff to be assigned protest and contract dispute projects according to staff level expertise and procurement knowledge pertinent to the type of solicitation; ensures appropriate research and analysis is attained by staff reviewing and approving all documentation activity; and reviews work for appropriateness, completeness, accuracy and format.
• Establishes expectations for staff, communicating program goals and objectives through individual or weekly staff meetings and/or written communications.
• Reviews and approves final submittal documents to the hearing bodies (Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board and Office of Administrative Hearings) as necessary and ensures the integrity of the documentation and protest files.
• Provides guidance relative to the protest process, applicable governing codes, division/department policy, and state contracting rules and regulations to unit staff and various executive levels both within DGS a well as other State agencies, including directors and other executive levels, program directors, project managers, etc. on a routine basis with unit staff or otherwise as inquires arise generally received by mail, telephone or during a meeting.
• Meets with the Director, Deputy Directors, program managers, etc. to discuss IT and non-IT goods protests, the merit of a protesting supplier’s grounds for protest, and the department’s resolution for award.
• Negotiates or mediates IT and non-IT Goods contract defaults and disputes between suppliers and State agencies as necessary by conducting meetings on-site at PD and occasionally off-site at the requesting agency or supplier’s location. Meetings are held with top management of large State agencies which include but are not limited to Directions, Deputy Directors, agency secretaries and private sector executives, including Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers.


Knowledge of:

Trends and capabilities of management and control processes associated with electronic data processing; programs, organization, and management of major electronic data processing using agencies; types and capabilities of electronic data processing equipment and software; vendors, marketing conditions, terms, practices, and prices relating to electronic data processing equipment, supplies and systems; management information systems development; feasibility study reports for electronic data processing systems; lease versus purchase analysis; preparation of Invitation For Bidders and electronic data processing contracts; procurement specification development; data processing concepts; computer operations; support processes; programming languages; system software; systems analyses; file organization and access methods; data base fundamentals;
Knowledge (continued)

data communications; data processing equipment; group dynamics and leadership; State laws relating to procurement and contracts; Federal laws governing electronic data processing vendors; benchmarking procedures; personnel training; equipment acquisitions and contracts; the Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program objectives; a manager’s role in the Equal Employment Opportunity Program; and the processes available to meet equal employment opportunity objectives.

Ability to:

Review feasibility reports and leave versus purchase analyses and make suggestions to ensure development of specifications for lease or purchase contracts designed to attract the broadest possible participation from competitive information processing vendors or consultants; provide evaluative information on types and capabilities of electronic data processing equipment, consultants, or software used in State agencies; lead and preside over conferences of State managers and vendors in developing lease or purchase specifications for information processing systems; negotiation contract specifications changes with vendors; recommend changes in purchase or contract laws, rules, policies, and practices to increase competition from the information processing industry; analyze bids and proposals and award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder or the vendor submitting the most responsive proposal in a fair and impartial manner; gain cooperation and acceptance as an expert in electronic data processing-user agencies, State Office of Information Technology officials and marketing representatives; maintain effective client relations; communicate effectively; make oral presentations; prepare clear and concise reports; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; and effectively contribute to the Department’s equal employment opportunity objectives.

• Knowledge of Public Contract Code, Government Code, State Administrative Manual, State Information Management Manual, and Uniform Commercial Code.
• Familiarity with state procurement processes, including the Information Technology Procurement Plan process; Feasibility Study Report requirements, and State protest process.
• Knowledge of the tools and techniques associated with strategic sourcing.
• Proficiency with personal computer and appropriate software programs and the internet. Experience with PowerPoint and MS Project desired but not required.
• Familiarity with IT and Telecom trends.
• Knowledge of Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA), National Association of State Purchasing Officials (NASPO), California Professional Purchasing Officials (CAPPO), and National Contract Management Association (NCMA) desired but not required.
• Ability to write comprehensively, communicate with all levels of management, including executive and peers, attorneys, and external customers.

• Dependable; responsible; positive attitude.
• Ability to lead and participate in teams.
• Ability to provide objective overview of situations.
• Willingness to accept challenges, handle multiple projects simultaneously.
• Ability to effectively handle stress and deadlines.

• Professional office environment, appropriate business attire required.
• Daily use of phone, fax, copiers and general office and communication equipment.
• Occasional use of cell phone, pagers, and laptop computer.
• Frequent use of a computer and related software applications and the Internet at a workstation.
• Sitting in a seated position for extended periods of time.
• Frequent off-site meetings within Sacramento and occasional out-of-town within California meetings that may require the use of various transportation modes, i.e. airplane, taxi, car, etc.
• Use of a hand cart to transport documents and/or equipment up to 15-20 lbs., i.e. laptop computer, reference manuals, solicitation documents, etc.
• Conduct formal presentation with good communication skills.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Sr Electronic Data Processing Aquisition Specialist 306 - 520 - 1389 - 001
Location County
West Sacramento YOLO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
DGS Procurement Division
707 Third St, 2nd Fl, Rm 2-230
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Yvette Saldivar
(916) 375-4513

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