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Salary: $6,110.00 - $7,648.00
Posted: 10/01/2013

Job Description:
How To Apply: Interested applicants should submit an ONLINE JOB APPLICATION along with a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). If you need assistance completing the application, you may email the Human Resources staff at or call (855) 663-0222. Questions regarding the position should be directed to Judith Iklé at 415-703-1486, or Damon Franz ( The Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) shall be in 12 pt., Times New Roman font and not to exceed two (2) typewritten pages. Beyond the page limit and font size stated above, the format and organization of the information presented in the SOQ is at the discretion of the candidate. The SOQ should include a detailed explanation relating to each of the Required Experience/Qualifications bullets below in order to allow a reviewer to easily discern the candidate’s knowledge, experiences and abilities. Each candidate’s SOQ will be rated on their written communication skills, as well as the content of the abilities and experiences presented using standardized rating criteria to select the most qualified candidate for the position. In the event there is more than one highly qualified candidate, hiring interviews may be conducted. Please observe the page limit. If a candidate’s SOQ exceeds the two-page limit, only the first two pages will be evaluated. Applicants who do not submit a completed SOQ with their application will not be given further consideration. Please note that all information provided is subject to verification. For each of the topic areas discussed in the SOQ, please include the name(s) and phone number(s) of supervisor(s) and/or manager(s) who are knowledgeable about your work and may be contacted for verification. WHO MAY APPLY: Applicants eligible for lateral transfer (defined in SPB rules 430-433*), list appointment, voluntary demotion, reinstatement, or other State Civil Service eligibility under SPB rules will be considered. To become “list eligible” for consideration, interested candidates must successfully pass a civil service exam. Applicants currently on an SROA list or employed by a surplus department in a specific classification designated as surplus will be given primary consideration. *Copies of SPB Rules 430-433 are available in the Human Resources Office. Description: The Energy Division is seeking an experienced analyst to take the lead on technical training. Under the general supervision of the Program and Project Supervisor, incumbent will perform complex technical research and analyses on a broad range of regulatory issues relating to electricity and related issues. Do you enjoy continuously learning new things and sharing the learning with others? Help support your colleagues in keeping up with changes in electric sector regulation and technologies. Help Commission staff develop their skills through provision of enhanced training opportunities and development of best practices so we can all be more efficient and effective. The Commission develops and administers energy policy and programs affecting seven investor-owned electric utilities serving approximately eleven million electricity customers in California. In this role the Commission serves the public interest and ensures compliance with decisions and statutory mandates. The staff provides objective and expert analyses that promote reliable, safe and environmentally sound energy services reasonable rates for the people of California. This position is for education, training and workforce development of Commission Staff working on ARRA-related proceedings and Clean Energy Technologies. The incumbent will be well versed in energy industry issues and will assess analyst staff needs for additional education; coordinate these with the requirements of the Commission’s ARRA topic-related proceedings, and identify curricula or establish arrangements to train Commission analysts about basic and new electricity technologies, systems and concepts. The training may involve voluntary trainers from professionals within the Commission, regulated companies, or other consultant experts. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The individual filling this PURA V position will be responsible for supporting the conduct of educational training sessions associated with the Commission’s oversight of energy programs and activities focused on transmission, renewable energy, smart grid, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, emerging technologies, and carbon sequestration. The incumbent will have the responsibility for working on the development of educational training on energy related matters for the Energy Division. In addition, the incumbent will be responsible for providing analytical support on the Commission’s implementation of the cap and trade program, combined heat and power settlement, electric vehicles proceeding or research and development program. The position may be responsible for one or more of these areas depending on knowledge and experience: 1.Educating staff on the Federal ARRA Initiative topics such as clean energy technology development, energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, emerging technologies, and carbon sequestration. 2.Educating Commission staff on presentation methodologies and tools, cost-effectiveness methodologies and tools, cost-benefit analysis, and behavior modification for effective adoption of energy-related programs. 3.Working on educational out-reach efforts and internal Commission educational training efforts on cost assessments of strategies contained in energy-related initiatives designed to benefit consumers, protect the environment and support California’s economy in difficult times. 4.Drafting Staff Proposals, holding workshops, taking input from parties, and briefing decision-makers on issues relevant to cap and trade, electric vehicles, combined heat and power or research and development. 5.Analyzing the utilities’ plans to return greenhouse gas revenue to customers, ensuring that those plans comply with Commission policy, and assisting Administrative Law Judges in writing Decisions that dictate how costs are to be estimated and revenues disbursed. Overseeing administration of outreach and education around that revenue return. 6.Analyzing contracts between utilities and CHP pursuant to the Commission’s QF and CHP Settlement. Reviewing contracts to ensure that they comply with the terms of the settlement and other Commission policies, and writing Resolutions that approve, deny or modify those contracts. This position may require limited travel. Incumbent will also organize and facilitate workshops. Anticipated travel may be within California, particularly to Folsom and Sacramento. Required Experience/Qualifications: The candidate selected for the position should have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities in: Excellent written and oral communication skills, including presenting information in a formal setting and responding to questions. Ability to interact with and brief high-level decision makers; Facilitation of stakeholder meetings or workshops. Ability to work cooperatively with decision makers, market participants, interested parties, and other agencies; Ability and/or experience to conduct economic, policy and financial analysis and to gather data and synthesize information in a cohesive manner, to analyze situations, and to recommend effective courses of action; Ability and/or experience to handle multiple assignments with accuracy, to prioritize workload, meet deadlines, and work independently; Project management, contract management, budget and reporting and/or team leadership skills; Ability to conduct in-house professional training and/or teaching experience. Ability to develop training materials; Knowledge and strong understanding of energy and regulatory policy. Knowledge of the basics of electricity production and distribution. Knowledge of the cap and trade program and greenhouse gas mitigation. DESIRABLE EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: Ideal candidates would demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities related to: Technical experience in preparing educational material and conducting educational training sessions; and experience contracting for consultants and/or training materials and preparing and/or managing a budget; Technical experience related to activities focused on best practices, transmission, renewable energy, smart grid, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, emerging technologies, and carbon sequestration. Experience conducting economic analysis of complex public policy initiatives, writing policy papers, and working independently to develop proposals for solving public policy problems.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 680 - 321 - 4616 - 051
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Limited Term   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Energy Division
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco 94102
Judith Ikle

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