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Salary: $8,097.00 - $10,137.00
Posted: 09/13/2013

Job Description:


The Chief of the Area Source and Emission Inventory Branch oversees the efforts of four sections that are responsible for two critical technical programs that underpin the Air Resources Board (ARB) efforts to meet air quality standards: 1) analysis of ambient air quality data used in State Implementation Plans (SIPs) and 2) development of new regulations and implementation of ARB existing regulatory program to reduce ozone-forming emissions from consumer products and architectural coatings. The Chief will work closely with the Chiefs of the Air Quality Planning Branch and the Modeling and Meteorology Branch on SIP development including:

  • Analysis of ambient air quality data and evaluation of air quality trends,
  • Weight-of-evidence analyses for attainment demonstrations,
  • Development of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions inventory data,
  • Analysis of the reactivity and environmental fate of VOCs.

To implement ARB’s programs for reducing emissions of VOCs from consumer products and architectural coatings, the Chief leads Branch staff as they design and conduct surveys to quantify VOCs in products, oversee and guide research on VOC emissions and environmental fate, develop regulations, negotiate with industry, and coordinate with air districts as they implement their independent authority to reduce VOC emissions.

As air quality standards are lowered, ARB has a continuing need to further the state-of-the-science of the role of VOCs in ozone formation and strategies to reduce VOC impacts. The Chief will use the expertise of all four Branch sections and coordinate with other Division and ARB staff to further the state-of-the-science. The Chief and Branch staff will serve as ARB VOC experts on ozone impacts, planning and regulatory approaches in support of long term planning for SIPs.


Successful candidates will have strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to manage complex technical programs; broad knowledge of ARB programs and policies, especially air quality planning and Clean Air Act planning regulations and policies; experience applying statistical analysis of ambient air quality in SIPs development; knowledge of the rule making process and implementation of regulatory programs; and demonstrated ability to work with industry stakeholders and air districts on air quality plan and rule development.


Applicants will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be interviewed. Appointments may be subject to SROA/Surplus restrictions. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their surplus letter with a State application (STD 678). On page one of the completed standard Sate Application you must clearly indicate the basis of your eligibility: list appointment, transfer, SROA, Surplus, re-employment, or reinstatement.

Please reference position number 673-790-3763-001 on your application and include any other relevant documents (e.g., unofficial transcript, copy of degrees, resume, etc.) to the attention of Rachel Kirlis at the address indicated below.

SACRAMENTO LOCATION - We are located downtown in the beautiful California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) at 10th and I Street. The Light Rail Station is two blocks from CalEPA building and we are also close to the downtown plaza, restaurants, and gym.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
AIR RESOURCES SUPERVISOR II 673 - 790 - 3763 - 001
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Air Quality Planning & Science Division
1001 I STREET, 7th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Rachel Kirlis
(916) 327-6181

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