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Salary: $4,400.00 - $5,348.00
Posted: 07/11/2013

Job Description:
***THE DSA SAN DIEGO REGIONAL OFFICE HAS TWO (2) POSITIONS AVAILABLE*** NOTE: Although the duties reflect the Associate Governmental Program Analyst level, for recruitment purposes the Staff Services Analyst (SSA) classification will be considered and the duties and salary will be adjusted accordingly. Please provide a copy of the SSA transfer exam and indicate RPA numbers 6979/6980 on your state application. The Department of General Services’ (DGS) Core Values are keys to the success of the Department’s Mission to “Deliver results by providing timely, cost-effective services and products that support our customers.” DGS expects its employees to adhere to the DGS Core Values of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Excellence, Innovation and Teamwork. Our employees are expected to perform their duties with these values in SELECTION CRITERIA - - • SROA/Surplus employees are encouraged to apply and will be considered prior to other recruitment methods. • Transfers, reinstatements, or recruitment from the employment list may be considered. Consideration may be given to applicants who are on a DGS employment list or on another department’s employment list. Transfer of list eligibility must meet the criteria to transfer the eligibility from the other department’s employment list to DGS’ employment list. • Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled. DUTIES The Division of the State Architect is responsible for insuring the safe construction of public schools. Under the direction of the Staff Services Manager I, the AGPA is responsible to provide the Field Engineers with functional and administrative support with the ongoing project management of construction documents and reports for the regional office to insure construction has been conducted in accordance with approved construction documents; analyzes submitted reports in order to close construction projects with certification; works with engineers and architects to resolve issues in submitted construction reports to insure the safety of public schools ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS The incumbent shall promote and be accountable for customer satisfaction and quality service and will initiate or recommend changes that promote innovative solutions to meet customer needs. The following work will be performed in accordance with the DSA policies and procedures, DSA Strategic Plan, the principles and guidelines of the DGS, the Governor’s Executive Orders, DGS Management Memos and Administrative Orders. In order to manage the construction projects and insure all requirements and the projects are completed and certified: • Manages each construction project by providing the necessary analytical and program assistance to Field Engineers in support of their field oversight and inspection role. • Works with the District Structural Engineer (DSE), Senior Structural Engineer (SSE), Senior Architect and/or Fire & Life Safety Officer on technical issues related to certification. • Troubleshoots reports and data and works directly with clients, school officials and inspectors to ensure time sensitive resolutions are recommended and implemented. • Manages communication between all stakeholders/participants in the construction process to insure all parties are informed of issues that need to be resolved or may endanger the progress of the project. • Analyzes various reports to determine next steps and/or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed before next step can take place. • Manages project files to insure field reports, lab reports and deviation reports are turned in accurately documenting construction progress. • Determines and sets appropriate permissions of electronic distribution to stakeholders and/or participants of inspection card in the IPad process. • Makes business decisions/judgment calls based on the analysis of the various reports and may recommend a stop work order when noncompliance exists. Through the use of statistical, database, spreadsheet, and other software to organize and present data from various sources, independently collect, analyze, interpret and summarize data obtained from the DSA-Box and eTracker: • Utilizes a variety of analytical techniques to captured metrics on required reports for the reporting of performance management information. • Analyzes data from the DSA-Box and eTracker identifying potential issues and recommendations for resolution for supervisors and managers review in overseeing and administering DSA’s field oversight program. • Prepares reports on data from the DSA-Box and eTracker to identify and resolve potential issues related to the submission and accuracy of reports from external collaborators required to certify projects. • Conducts analytical research studies, based upon established Division priorities, to identify workload trends and outline current practices, as they relate to the future use of the collaborative DSA-Box for electronic file transfer processes. • Notifies appropriate staff within the Regional Office of omissions and monitors and tracks responses and follows-up to secure all required documentation. In order to provide administrative support to Field Engineers by insuring that all required project documentation is complete and accurate allowing the project to be certified and insuring DSA adheres to Audit requirements: • Insures the accuracy and completeness of critical construction documents and reports contained within DSA-Box and the E-Tracker database system for project progress reported. • Reviews submitted reports and identify potential technical issues to be forwarded to District Structural Engineer for resolution. • Takes appropriate action based on DSA policy for missing or late reports that could delay the certification of projects. • Works with school districts to resolve issues related to missing documents and reports to certify construction projects as safe. • Reviews and analyzes documents to determine if closing procedure can be initiated. • Communicates and provides training to staff and external project collaborators on the use and functions of the DSA-Box application. • Communicates with and documents problems experienced by staff and external project collaborators on the use of the DSA-Box. • Takes appropriate action to resolve problems. • Documents and analyzes problems and makes recommendation to management of changes necessary to resolve systemic problems. MARGINAL FUNCTIONS Attends meetings when directed by the Regional Office Manager, provide analytical support to other staff as needed and convey information to employees and customers related to DSA-Box functions. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES Knowledge of: Principles, practices, and trends of public and business administration, management, and supportive staff services such as budgeting, personnel, and management analysis; government functions and organization; and methods and techniques of effective conference leadership. Ability to: Reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex governmental and managerial problems; develop and evaluate alternatives; analyze data and present ideas and information effectively both orally and in writing; consult with and advise administrators or other interested parties on a wide variety of subject-matter areas; gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of those contacted during the course of work; coordinate the work of others, act as a team or conference leader; and appear before legislative and other committees. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS SPECIAL PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS • Demonstrated ability to act independently, open-mindedness, flexibility, and tact. • Willingness to learn the practical application of administrative principles (do routine or detailed work). • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with staff at all levels. • Exercise a high degree of professionalism, diplomacy and confidentiality. • Willingness and ability to accept increasing responsibility. ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS • Working proficiency in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, ABMS and PAL. • Experience in analyzing and interpreting laws, rules and regulations. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS • Receive and follow verbal/written direction from supervisors. • Excellent analytical/problem solving skills, oral and written communications skills. • Demonstrate good organizational and time management skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines. • Dependable, excellent attendance and punctuality record. • Effective ability to interpret written materials • Demonstrate a positive influence on office moral and to work as a team member in changes of converting paper systems and processes to a digital environment. • Ability to exercise a high degree of initiative, independence, and originality. WORK ENVIRONMENT, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL ABILITIES • Dress appropriate for professional office environment. • Requires ability to effectively handle stress and deadlines in a fast-pace work environment. • Ability to work overtime as required for successful job performance. • Daily use of PC and related software applications at a workstation.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
2-Asst Governmental Program Analyst /Staff Services Analyst 718 - 495 - 5393 - 902
Will also consider hiring a(n)
STAFF SERVICES ANALYST (GENERAL) $2,817.00 - $3,426.00
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Division of State Architect
1102 Q street, Suite 5100
Sacramento, 95814
Grace Leyva
(916) 324-9499

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