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Salary: $2,929.00 - $3,505.00
Posted: 05/10/2013

Job Description:
Under the direct supervision of the Supervising Groundskeeper II, on a daily basis, receives direction in maintaining landscaping and grounds maintenance. Work with Pest Control Technician, instruct inmate workers in landscaping and grounds maintenance. Does general laboring tasks related to grounds and garden maintenance. Lead, work, supervise, and instruct inmate landscape and ground workers in landscaping and grounds maintenance. Supervise the use of various hand and power tools. Supervise and perform noxious weed control. Supervise and perform tree trimming projects to maintain security zones. Plants, cultivates, waters and sprays ornamental plants, shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers, and propagates cuttings; plants and cares for lawns; rakes leaves, hoes weeds. Prepares and treats soils for planting, and spades and fertilizes flower beds and sets out plants. Maintain hoses, tools, supplies, and equipment in proper condition and repair. Inspects premises and searches inmates, wards, residents, or patients for contraband, such as weapons or illegal drugs Provide technical guidelines for inmate workers in the maintenance of institutional facilities. Supervise the maintenance and lay out of various athletic fields. Design landscape projects, make repairs and adjustments to sprinkler systems Obtain and keep a current applicator’s certificate. Develop landscaping and grounds maintenance programs and coordinate those programs. Maintain proper drainage systems for roads, lawns and grounds. Prepare purchase requests and annual budget request. Receive supplies, maintain inventories and records, and maintain tool and security control programs. Prepare inmate work reports, and maintain timekeeping records. Search inmates and work sites for contraband; maintain security programs, provide safety training and enforce safety regulations. Maintain inmate accountability and perform informal inmate counts throughout the day. Inspect and perform minor pest control and removal.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 394 - 216 - 0743 - 001
Location County
Crescent City DEL NORTE
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
05/24/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Delegated Testing
P.O. Box 7200
Crescent City, Ca 95532
707 465-1000 ext. 5509

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