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Salary: $4,833.00 - $5,874.00
Posted: 04/04/2013

Job Description:
** Your state application must indicate you are applying for Health Program Specialist I position 065-926-8338-011. Please explain your eligibility (i.e. lateral transfer, on a list, etc.).

You must have current certification, list, lateral, or reinstatement eligibility to apply for this vacancy.

Job Description:

Under the general supervision of the Staff Services Manager I, Quality Management Assessment Program (QMAP), Division of Health Care Services (DHCS), the Health Program Specialist I (HPS I) is responsible for the developing, implementing, and evaluating the necessary health care services and policy at assigned institutions consistent with the Inmate Dental Services Program (IDSP) Policy and Procedures (P&P). The HPS I will provide consultation and technical assistance to the institutions regarding dental policy and procedure implementation, development of Local Operating Procedures (LOP), appropriate training associated with policy and procedure implementation, monitoring, systems evaluation and for the IDSP P&P.

There is extensive travel associated with this position.

40% Provide information and training to all levels of health care staff and custodial staff at the institution(s) regarding the statewide approved process-improvement model(s) notated above as well as to provide technical consultation in the planning, development, approval, implementation, review, evaluation and program modification as needed for the IDSP P&P model and in accordance with the standard QMAP process. Perform complex dental health analyses on the various program needs relating to the IDSP P&P with administrative implications of dental policy and procedure, programming, and service coordination; provide technical clinical program considerations for pertinent planning, data and research development activities. Facilitate and coordinate the creation of the Proof Of Practice Binder for Dental Health Services at each institution to include at a minimum a master set of IDSP P&P with most recent development dates clearly indicated and the included signatures of appropriate management staff at the institution. The Proof Of Practice Binder shall include evidence of review by the Health Care Manager and/or Local Governing Body with approval(s) and dates of approval of the operating Dental P&P to include the securing of copies of In-Service Training lesson plans and staff sign-in sheets as appropriate, evidence of policy and procedure Implementation (chart reviews, process evaluations, quality management monitoring activities, audit instruments and clinical indicators as appropriate, records of Self-Care Oral Health Program presentations along with inmate sign-in sheets, data collection, statistical gathering, compliance and risk management issues as appropriate, et al.

30% Provide Specialized policy, planning, and systems assistance to the DHCS, other California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) staff and to CDCR institutions as needed or requested, for operational development regarding the approved implementation of dental policies and procedures. Analyze administrative problems related to program adherence. Recommend effective actions; monitors program operational needs at the requirements for both clinical and custodial consideration in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of dental programming and related activities. Assist the institution’s Quality Improvement Team (QIT) leaders by attendance at meetings; work with leaders to improve institutional procedures based on meeting outcomes; provide guidance to the QIT regarding data collection techniques and the preparation of flow charts and other tools; track and coordinate data-gathering activities from the dental health care system; advise the QIT in meetings are non-focused or unproductive; advise the QIT with proposals for needed change. Perform other related QMAP duties as required or assigned.

15% Track and coordinate data gathering activities throughout the health care system; generates various reports and ensures all levels of the organization and the DHCS are apprised of results. Serve as technical program consultant to the DHCS and other CDCR staff in areas of high sensitivity regarding QMAP processes; participate in complex planning and coordination of program development of both short- and long-term consideration through the QMAP process.

15% Participate as a team member in Quality Management Assessment Team (QMAT) audits and evaluations. Serve as a team member or leader in special projects involving the development, modification or evaluation or DHCS programs and services; provide technical consultation for various special projects for tasks dealing with evaluation, developmental, operational tasks or corrective action plans. Respond to correspondence and deals with inquires regarding dental programming issues.


Knowledge of: Public health, mental health and health care services programs and trends; problems and procedures involved in establishing community relationships and assessing community health program needs and resources; preparation and planning for coordinated programs with local and Federal agencies, private agencies and health care providers; principles and methods of public administration including organization, personnel and fiscal management; methods of preparing reports; research and survey methods; methods and principles of medical care administration, disease and disability prevention, health promotion and medical rehabilitation; procedures, planning, implementation and monitoring of programs; design and plan for coordination of programs with Federal and local agencies; legislative processes.

Ability to: Assist in development of public health and health care projects; apply health regulations, policies and procedures; participate in monitoring and evaluating health programs and projects; gather, analyze and organize data related to health programs; analyze administrative problems and recommend effective action; speak and write effectively; act as program liaison with staff in other programs at the Federal, State, and local level; assist in planning, conducting and evaluating of field projects; recommend and take actions on a variety of health programs, project activities, staffing and budgetary processes; analyze proposed legislation, regulations and health program standards; provide consultation and technical assistance to local agencies; serve on task forces and committees as a program representative.

Benefits information can be found on the CalHR website,, and the CalPERS website, .

In order to apply and be considered for this position, all applicants must submit a completed Standard State Application Form (Std. 678) available at , under “My Profile.”

All methods of appointment may be considered. Applications will be screened and only the most competitive candidates will be invited for an interview.

This advertisement may be used for other vacancies that occur during this posting.

* Through June 30, 2013, full-time employees’ monthly pay will be reduced by 4.62% in exchange for eight (8) hours of leave. Part-time employees shall be subject to the pay reduction on a pro-rated basis consistent with their time base.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Health Program Specialist I 065 - 926 - 8338 - 011
Location County
Bakersfield KERN
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
CCHCS Bakersfield Regional Office
5509 Young Street
Bakersfield, CA 93311
Lydia Halcon
(661) 665-7605

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