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Salary: $4,400.00 - $5,348.00
Posted: 06/18/2013

Job Description:
Under the general direction of the Staff Services Manager I, the Associate Personnel Analyst is responsible for analyzing classification requests, providing consultation to management regarding highly sensitive and confidential personnel issues, assisting management with employee discipline, and assisting staff with medical issues. Duties include, but are not limited to:

Provide Consultation to Management Regarding Personnel Issues
-Independently advises all levels of management on varied and complex personnel management issues including interpretation and enforcement of labor agreements as they relate to compliance with collective bargaining issues (such as wages, hours, hiring, transfers, layoffs, leaves, discipline, and classification issues).
-Provides technical advice and recommendations to resolve specific personnel actions and employee discipline matters; ensures any action is in conformance with departmental policies and procedures, labor contracts, as well as with control agency policies such as those of California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), Department of Finance (DOF), and the State Controller’s Office (SCO).
-Assists with a variety of special studies and administrative projects for departmental management, including labor relations, on sensitive and controversial issues; serves on management collective bargaining teams during negotiations with employee organizations. Counsels supervisors regarding potential contract violations; prepares grievance responses at all departmental levels; coordinates grievance processing with CalHR legal staff; and represents the Department at arbitration hearings. Responds to inquiries from employee organizations on contract issues.

Employee Discipline, Health and Safety, and Labor Relations
-Counsels and advises managers on performance appraisal and disciplinary matters; writes and serves formal employee discipline; consults and advises with DTSC employment law attorneys on the appropriate action for employee discipline; consults and advises DTSC attorneys and works with labor representatives on settlement options. Provides assistance in representing the DTSC at administrative hearings.
-Counsels and advises managers on medical issues, including Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act provisions, fitness for duty exams, and department initiated disability retirement applications. Advises the DTSC Equal Employment Opportunity Officer on issues affecting personnel management matters. Works closely with the Labor Relations Officer. Researches information and develops memos and charts regarding labor relations issues/contract updates, merit issues, etc. May assist during labor negotiations to accumulate information.

Classification and Pay Analysis
-Assesses the Department’s existing classification plan; identifies and evaluates program needs; reviews complex position allocation requests; analyzes and determines appropriate alternatives to meet program needs; conducts position audits and special classification and pay studies; identifies alternatives for changes to the Department’s classification plan; recommends appropriate action to be taken; develops new classification proposals and/or classification revision proposals; revises class specifications; develops allocation standards or guidelines.
-Participates as a management expert on labor management teams to implement classification changes. Provides technical guidance in analyzing and determining the application of hire above minimum, alternate range criteria, leaves of absences, out-of-class claims, transfers, appointments, and salary setting for CEA and Exempt employees, including reinstatement rights.

Special Projects and Assignments
-Researches, analyzes and makes recommendations on departmental policies and procedures in the area of personnel management and labor relations; conducts complex classification and pay and organization studies; prepares specification revisions and CalHR Agenda Items for new or revised classifications; recommends and drafts personnel management policy and procedures.

WHO MAY APPLY: Eligible candidates who are current State employees with status in the above classification of lateral transfers from an equivalent class, former State employees who can reinstate into this class, or persons who are reachable on a current employment list for this classification. All methods of appointments, including Training and Development Assignments (T&D) may be considered. All interested applicants must submit a standard State Application Form STD. 678 with original signature. The position number and basis of their eligibility should be clearly stated in the “Examinations or job title(s) for which you are applying” section of the state application.

SROA and Surplus candidates are encouraged to apply. Appointment is subject to SROA and State surplus policies. Surplus candidates must submit a copy of their surplus status letter.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be considered.

A 60 day candidate pool may be established for subsequent vacancies.

Note: This position is delegated as confidential.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Associate Personnel Analyst 810 - 260 - 5142 - 705
Will also consider hiring a(n)
STAFF SERVICES ANALYST (GENERAL) $2,817.00 - $3,426.00
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Human Resources
1001 I Street P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, 95812
Keisha Harris

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