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Salary: $2,391.00 - $2,945.00
Posted: 03/14/2013

Job Description:

Duties:  Under the direction of the Staff Services sergeant, the Maintenance Worker is responsible for the overall maintenance and cleanliness of the building and grounds; in addition to the maintenance of the automotive fleet.  The specific duties include:  Monitoring of the services provided by janitorial and landscaping contractors through regular inspections of the facility; in the absence of a contracted janitorial or landscaping service, perform the necessary janitorial and landscaping duties; inspecting the facility and grounds on a regular basis for damage and items requiring maintenance; performing minor repairs and services as needed; assisting the Automotive Technician with miscellaneous automotive services and in relaying vehicles between the various automotive dealerships and vendors; and other duties as assigned.

Desirable qualifications:  Excellent attendance, exceptional interpersonal and communications skills, a general knowledge of building maintenance and repair, a general knowledge of automotive repair, and a valid California Driver License.

Who may apply:  Persons currently in the classification eligible to transfer, lateral transfers, voluntary demotions, reinstatements, those eligible for appointment from a certification list, and employees on a State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) list or designated Surplus.  All applicants will be considered; only the most qualified will be interviewed.

How to apply:  Interested individuals should submit a STD. 678, Examination/Employment Application (Rev. 6/2010), and the Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire to the address below.  Please indicate your eligibility in the Explanation Box of the application.  The SROA/Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their letter.  The STD. 678 may be accessed through the California Department Human Resources (CalHR) Website:  The criminal supplemental questionnaire may be accessed through the CalHR jobs website at  Please include a copy of this notice with your application.

Although the intent is to fill this vacancy as soon as possible, the exact duration of the selection process can vary and is unknown at this time.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 388 - 601 - 2029 - 001
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
03/27/2013 http://www.CHP.Ca.Gov
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
601/Border Division
9330 Farnham Street
San Diego, 92123
Sergeant Jeff Alvarez
(858) 650-3707

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