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Salary: $5,079.00 - $6,127.00
Posted: 03/12/2013

Job Description:
This position requires the incumbent maintain consistent and regular attendance; communicate effectively (orally and in writing if both appropriate) in dealing with the public and/or other employees; develop and maintain knowledge and skill related to specific tasks, methodologies, materials, tools, and equipment; complete assignments in a timely and efficient manner; and, adhere to departmental policies and procedures regarding attendance, leave, and conduct. Job Summary: Under general direction of the Chief, Community and Statewide Interventions Section, the Health Program Manager I is the Chief, Health Equity& Local Programs Unit (HEHP). This position provides daily supervision to a team of Health Education Consultant III (Specialist), Health Program Specialist I (HPS I), and at times Student Interns & Student Assistants. Also provides for oversight, guidance, and direction to more complex competitive grants and local lead agency (local health department) contracts and directs all local program efforts targeting priority populations which include, but are not limited to: people of low socioeconomic status, youth, African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, behavioral health, military, rural, and pink and blue collar workers. Supervision Received: This position is supervised by the Health Program Manager II, Chief, Community and Statewide Interventions Section. Supervision Exercised: This position supervises four to five professional and technical staff including HEC III, HPS I, student interns, and sometimes student assistants. Description of Duties: See detailed description below. Percent of Time Essential Functions 30% Supervises and/or provides guidance on a daily basis a team of four to six professionals/technical staff that include HEC III (Specialist), HPS I, Student Interns, and sometimes student assistants. Assigns and prioritizes workloads among supervised staff. Provides guidance and expert consultant to staff regarding preparation of requests for applications, procurement review processes, and contract monitoring. Reviews and approves scopes of work and budgets negotiated by subordinate staff. In conjunction with the Local Programs and Advocacy Campaigns Unit Chief, interviews, hires, trains, and rates the performance of all immediate subordinate staff. With the Local Programs and Advocacy Campaigns Unit Chief; establishes local program priorities; develops program polices; jointly conducts staff meetings; and plans competitive grant and local lead agencies procurements. Coordinates the assignment and preparation of bill analysis, legislative concepts, legislative proposals, controlled correspondence, and other CDPH management requirements related to the Local Programs and Priority Populations Unit activities. 30% Develops and maintains relationships with priority population stakeholder groups. Is responsible for communicating and framing how TCB is addressing health inequities including creating and maintaining summary reports that document: 1) the funding directed to reduce disparities; 2) capacity building, training, and support provided by TCB and its statewide training and technical assistance providers to address health inequities; and 3) outreach to stakeholder groups. Directs the planning, development, and evaluation of all Tobacco Control Branch (TCB) campaigns, training’s material developments, procurements, and policies focusing on priority populations in tobacco control. Oversees Health Equity strategic planning and facilitates the implementation of the Health Equity Plan. 25% Directly negotiates and oversees 8 to 15 complex sensitive local and statewide contracts, including the provision of a more complex level of consultation and technical assistance. 10% Provides training on tobacco control education to agencies nationally and statewide, including other state health department tobacco control programs and other programs within the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Participates as a member of the TCB senior management team. Represents CDPH on statewide advisory committees as requested; prepares papers to present at state and national professional conferences related to tobacco prevention, policy initiatives, and other tobacco topics. Acts in the absence of the Local Programs and Advocacy Campaigns Unit Chief, and the Community and Statewide Interventions Section Chief as required. Percent of Time Marginal Functions 5% Performs other duties as required. Statement of Qualifications—Health Program Manager I (HPM I) Tobacco Control Branch, Health Equity & Local Programs Unit The Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) will be used to pre-screen applicants for the Health Program Manager I (HPM I) position, Chief, Health Equity & Local Programs Unit, Statewide and Community Interventions Section, Tobacco Control Branch. Submit an SOQ with your application which includes responses to the following three questions. The SOQ is not to exceed 2 pages total 12 point Arial font with 1 inch margins. Please Note: that this Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) must be included with your State Application in order to be considered for this position. 1. What training and experience do you have in supervising, and directing complex, and sensitive Local and Statewide Contracts, and working with Requests For Applications, and procurements? 2. What experience do you have in working with Priority Populations Stakeholder Groups? 3. Describe two or three strategies which you believe could be used to reduce and eliminate tobacco-related health inequities?

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Health Program Manager I 580 - 345 - 8427 - 002
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
04/05/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Tobacco Control Branch
1616 Capitol Ave., Ste 74.516
Sacramento, CA 95814
Anita M. Macaluso
(916) 449-5509

Special Requirements:
Need to complete the SOQ

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