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Salary: $2,817.00 - $4,446.00
Posted: 02/15/2013

Job Description:

Under direction and supervision of the Staff Services Manager I, the Staff Services Analyst (SSA) performs less complex analytical work and the Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) performs the complex analytical duties. The incumbent is the liaison for the Office of Audits and Court Compliance (OACC) for business services and administrative-related transactions. Areas of responsibilities include procurement, training, workload tracking, safety, space, key control, records retention, confidential shred, BIS super user, facilities, ergonomic and other facility activities.

The incumbent will respond to emergency and urgent facility issues, coordinate requests for assistance, identify and resolve basic business services problems. Coordinate needed maintenance or other repairs relating to office space, movers, telephone and data lines, and furniture needs, coordinate and maintain key control, space planning, records retention, confidential shred, and ergonomic requirements. Research and process requests for purchasing via the Business Information System portal, inventory, maintain, and order office supplies for OACC. Coordinate and maintain required training records per departmental policy, research and coordinate appropriate training classes for OACC staff, maintain a tracking spreadsheet for planned, completed and costs incurred for training. Process training requests and payments for training classes, coordinate and communicate with OACC staff, headquarters’ staff, and external entities, provide safety related information to OACC staff. Conduct on-site safety evacuation training and drills.

Desirable Qualifications - Applicants applying for this position should have excellent oral and written communication skills, demonstrated analytical and organizational abilities, the ability to develop alternatives and resolve problems. Accuracy, promptness, integrity, flexibility and dependability, fluency with Microsoft Office applications.

Who Should Apply - Applicants must be Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees who are currently in the SSA or AGPA classification, or have transfer eligibility to this classification. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be considered. Appointment will be subject to all State Hiring Freeze Restrictions. Eligibility must be clearly stated and include the position number on your application. The position is limited term, may become permanent.



Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Staff Services Analyst/Associate Governmental Program Analyst 065 - 401 - 5157 - 811
Will also consider hiring a(n)
Location County
9800 Old Placerville Road, Suite 200 SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Limited Term  12 month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
03/01/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Office of Audits and Court Compliance
PO Box 942883
Sacramento, CA 94283
Victoria Quiroz-Stanfield
(916) 255-2683

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