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Salary: $4,400.00 - $5,348.00
Posted: 02/14/2013

Job Description:
Do you like working in a collaborative team enviroment? Do you have great analytical, interpersonal, advanced writing and oral communication skills? If so, come join the Health Information and Strategic Planning Contracts and Procurement team.

Job Summary:

Under general direction of the Chief, Contracts and Procurement Section, the AGPA performs the complex analytical and administrative duties relating to contract management, purchasing, budgetary issues, program fiscal evaluation and analysis. The AGPA is the lead analyst for the fiscal administration (Expenditure Forecast Report). AGPA is lead analyst for contracts with campuses of the University of California (UC) which includes the: 1) California Health Interview Survey contract with UC Los Angeles and 2) Family Health Outcomes Project contract with UC San Francisco. AGPA is the back-up analyst for the: 1) Electronic Death Registration System contract with UC Davis and 2) Automated Vital Statistics System contract with UC Santa Barbara. AGPA is responsible for developing and tracking federal incoming funds contracts. AGPA is responsible for multiple federal contracts under the Public Health Infrastructure grant. The AGPA acts as Contract Resource Coordinator for program managers for State Contracting Manual, Public Contract Code, and State Administrative Manual. Develops and maintains systems/procedures for reporting status of contract budget, disbursements, and balances.

AGPA Duty Statement:

Percent of Time Essential Functions

25% Responsible for developing and tracking federal incoming funds contracts. Substantiates data that has been extracted from death records and compiles critical components to generate vouchers for federal reimbursement. Creates and maintains spreadsheets for contracts and invoices to track progress of completion.

25% Lead analyst for the fiscal administration and management of multiple program contracts with campuses of the University of California (UC) which includes the: 1) California Health Interview Survey contract with UC Los Angeles and 2) Family Health Outcomes Project contract with UC San Francisco. AGPA is the back-up analyst for the: 1) Electronic Death Registration System contract with UC Davis and 2) Automated Vital Statistics System contract with UC Santa Barbara. Analyst manages the administrative support functions related to UC contracts. Provides consultation, oversight, solicitation of documents, use of technical contract language such as terms and conditions, reviews scope of work, develops timelines, and calculates cost/payment methods. Prepares complete contract package for submission to CMU and tracks status of the contract package as it goes through the review and approval process from CMU to the Department of General Services until execution of contract. Ensures that UC contracts are in compliance with state contractual requirements and procedures. Attends ongoing meetings with internal staff and external stakeholders to gain UC IT contract expertise. Lead analyst for the achieving Public Health Accreditation and Quality Improvement (QI) contracts associated with the federal Public Health Infrastructure (PHI) grant. The PHA contract goal is to bridge the gap in achieving accreditation and identify resources that are needed. The QI contract goal is to develop performance management standards and identifying quality improvement standards. As additional contracts become necessary under the PHI grant, AGPA will share the workload with another AGPA.

25% Independently review, validate, and verify UC invoices according to contract provisions and approved budget, and prepare a complete payment package by applying Accounting’s Invoice Processing 101 procedures to meet State Controller’s Office (SCO) audit requirements; assign appropriate funding codes to invoices to ensure accuracy and timeliness of invoice payments. Create and maintain individual contract budget disbursement spreadsheets to track the flow and status of invoices in process from Accounting to SCO until payment is completed. Using the CALSTARS Online Reporting Environment (CORE) System, perform complex research and analysis, for the resolution of fiscal related issues with Accounting and SCO regarding contract funding, encumbrances and payments. Provide assistance to program managers regarding invoice issues and payment complaints they receive from vendors, and make recommendations for resolving them. Collaborate with the Associate Accounting Analyst in developing reports for the monitoring of contracts funding sources such as Special Fund, Reimbursement Fund, and General fund for the program’s annual and long-range budgets. Independently maintain the established Contract Log Spreadsheet for each fiscal year, update the contracts funding balances as expenditures are paid in CORE until payment of final invoice is completed for each UC contract. Perform reconciliation of contract expenditures between Division records and CORE on a monthly basis to ensure invoices are charged appropriately to the right accounts, and identify problems and Accounting scheduling errors in the system, and prepare CALSTARS requests to correct them. Gather and tabulate contracts financial data to produce monthly expenditure reports for management’s budget projection and tracking of ongoing expenditures, and for adjustments to the monthly Expenditure Forecast Report.

20% Work with the Associate Accounting Analyst on administrative support functions including, but not limited to, program contract management, and accounting & budget related issues to ensure expenditures are made within authorized budgetary allotments. Coordinate with UC contract managers and fiscal management staff regarding budget, expenditures, and related issues affecting previous and current contract payments.

5% Perform other duties as required.

If interested and eligible, please submit a Std. 678 -State application- to the above contact name. Please specify your eligibility in the “Explanations” space below item #9. If eligible by exam please provide a copy of your exam results.

Position is subject to SROA/Surplus Restrictions.

Hire is subject to all approvals from HISP Management, Financial Management Branch, and Human Resources Branch.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Associate Governmental Program Analyst 580 - 224 - 5393 - 707
Location County
1501 Capitol Ave Sacramento, CA 95814 SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
2/25/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
P.O. Box 997410 MS 5102
Sacramento, CA 95899-7410
Erica Stratton

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