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Salary: $5,049.00 - $6,086.00
Posted: 02/11/2013

Job Description:
Please put RPA #004790 on your application. br> SELECTION CRITERIA – Selection will occur in the order below. • SROA/Surplus employees are encouraged to apply. • Transfers, reinstatements, re-employments, Out-of-Class (OOC), and recruitment from the DGS’ employment certification list (candidates must be in Ranks 1-3) may be considered for permanent appointments. Consideration may be given to applicants on another Department’s employment list, provided the criteria are met to transfer the eligibility from the employment list to DGS’ employment list.
• Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications, and interviews may be scheduled. Although normal business hours are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., incumbent may be called upon and expected to respond at any time of the day or night. BPM will provide incumbent with a cell phone for this purpose. Cell phone messages shall be returned promptly. This position is designated under the Conflict of Interest Code. The position is responsible for making, or participating in the making, of governmental decisions that may potentially have a material effect on personal financial interests. The appointee is required to complete form 700 within 30 days of appointment and annually thereafter. Failure to comply with the Conflict of Interest Code requirements may void the appointment. Under the general direction of the Office Building Manager III and/or the Regional Manager, the incumbent independently plans the work of others engaged in the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and repair and cleaning of the San Francisco Ronald M. George State Office Complex. The incumbent shall perform all necessary duties to provide continued operations for client agencies located within this property. The incumbent provides administrative, human resources, budgetary preparation, information technology, personnel administration, labor relation program, and customer service to the San Francisco Ronald M. George State Office Complex. The Bay Region, Ronald M. George State Office Complex (Complex) is located at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA. The Complex consists of a newly constructed building and a renovated historic building joined together. The total square footage of office space is approximately 1.1 million square feet that occupies 15 floors in the high-rise structure and 7 floors in the historic building. DUTIES The incumbent plans the work of a large staff engaged in the maintenance, custodial operations, upkeep and other services for the State-owned and occupied building and grounds. The staff may include subordinate building managers, skilled crafts supervisors, stationary engineers, and custodian supervisors. The work is performed in order to maintain and repair all building systems in accordance with published guidelines as set forth in Sections 14600 through 14973 of the Government Code, the Department of General Services (DGS), Division of the State Architect (DSA) Excellence in Public Building Initiative, and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) industry standards. The incumbent applies sustainable (environmentally safe) work practices in the operation and maintenance of all building systems and equipment. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Facility Operations and Maintenance The Office Building Manager II will provide customer service in directing guidelines to the subordinate staff following the DGS/RESD/DSA policies, strategic plans and manuals to ensure preservation of the state’s investment: • Oversees Building and Property Management (BPM) program services to maintain State owned buildings in order to deliver effective high quality services to occupant/customer. • Implements the maintenance and repair services, including but not limited to, cleaning, grounds care, trades/crafts, security/guard, HVAC, automation systems, structural systems and interior finishes to ensure preservation of the State’s investment. • Promotes and ensures customer satisfaction by overseeing service delivery to provide productive business environments for staff and occupants. • Prepares written operational plans for the buildings and its grounds to provide efficient and effective administrative, fiscal, engineering/trades, custodial and security programs. • Resolves operational problems related to the buildings and its grounds to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all staff, customers and the public. • Ensures delivery of construction warranties of new building(s) and related systems by formal and timely written notice to contractors when corrections are needed to ensure suitable operations of designed construction. Budget Management The Office Building Manager II assists in preparing the RMGSOC annual budget to analyze past year’s expenditures to accurately project both succeeding year’s operational and 5-year Special Repairs plans: • Monitors expenditures to ensure appropriate spending of Department of Finance approved budgets. Analyzes costs and oversees subordinate supervisor’s analysis of costs to seek ways to control and reduce square footage costs as compared to BOMA expense comparisons for government facilities. • Directs the requisition, receipt and distribution of supplies, tools, and equipment to accomplish buildings and grounds work in accordance with DGS procurement laws and guidelines. Reviews all financial reports, including expenses and personal services providing variance explanations to demonstrate diligence in controlling allocated budget funds. • Utilizes ABMS reporting and time recording systems, Maximo, MS Office and other related software programs to provide written summaries of budget reviews to BPM Regional Manager. ADMINISTRATIVE AND SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Employee Leave Accounting In order to maintain an accurate reporting to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) for issuance of correct payroll warrants of subordinate staff’s time or accurate reporting to the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) for the billing of services for clients through the use of the Project Accounting & Leave (PAL) system in accordance with DGS policies and guidelines, MOU provision and State Personnel Board or Department of Personnel Administration laws and rules, and effectively manages and directs subordinate staff in accordance with established Equal Employment Opportunity and personnel policies, rules and regulations: • Grants or denies subordinate staff request for time off or requests to work overtime. • Ensures subordinate staff has sufficient leave credits available for the requested leave. • Oversees supervisors who enter subordinate’s time in PAL system, i.e., time charged to projects, leave usage, approved leave without pay (dock or NDI), Absence without Leave (AWOL), etc. • Approves PAL entries for subordinate staff on dock or AWOL on or before the designated SCO’s semi-monthly or monthly payroll cut-off date in order to ensure issuance of a SCO warrant for pay day. • Approves or disapproves PAL entries for subordinate staff within three (3) working days after the completion of the pay period. This is to ensure the correct issuance of a SCO warrant that is returned to SCO for late dock, issuance of correct overtime pay due to an employee and proper billing to clients for services rendered. Employee Performance In order to effectively manage, coach, and direct subordinate staff in accordance with DGS constructive intervention process, Office of Legal Services direction, an established personnel, equal employment opportunity, and MOU provisions, policies, rules and regulations: • Identifies performance expectations utilizing probationary reports and/or Individual Development plans and convey expectations to the employee via written and verbal communication/direction. • Monitors performance through various production documents, supervisor’s daily reports, personnel observations, and by following-up with employee to ensure that performance expectations are being met. • Provide feedback to employees on performance noting exceptional performance as well as areas of improvement through regular discussions. • Sustains employee performance using the departmental constructive intervention and progressive discipline principles and processes. • Prepares daily, weekly and monthly management unit reports to Regional Manager using established BPM forms and report formats. Staffing Level Responsibilities In order to avoid the loss of coded budgeted positions and to maintain adequate staffing levels for maintenance, engineering, grounds or custodial operations in accordance with Section 14699 through 14973 of the Government Code, the Excellence in Public Building Initiative, and Building Office Management Association (BOMA) industry standards: • Follows the BPM’s Request for Personnel Action (RPA) process for recruitment of vacant or new positions. • Reviews the duty statement and organizational chart provided by the Business Operations Policy & Planning (BOPP) Personnel Liaison (PL) for accuracy on the specific position being recruited. • Posts the Employment Opportunity Bulletin (aka JOB) and the Local Post & Bid (P&B) form, if applicable, at the work sites of your employees. • Conducts hiring interviews after verifying eligibility with the Office of Human Resources’ (OHR) staff. • Advises all appropriate personnel of candidate selection/proposed hire securing departmental approvals, ensuring pre-hiring requirements (documents) are completed and cleared by OHR, and proposed start date has been communicated to OHR through telephone or email communication. Project Management The Office Building Manager II coordinates on behalf of building/tenant alterations and capital improvements/special repairs: • Reviews plans, specifications, change orders and monitors their progress to ensure quality control of building standards to preserve the integrity of asset design thereby protecting the State’s and occupant’s investment. • Maintains cooperative team relations with other RESD units responsible for elements of project completion, contractors, building staff, and tenants during project construction. • Proactively participates to resolve project problems in order to maintain timeliness of schedule and quality control to promote good tenant experience. • Responds promptly to emergencies via telephone and personal visits to the property or area to assess overall damage caused by emergency event(s) and to ensure damage mitigation by organized, prompt and timely repair. • Coordinates and directs disaster recovery plans to return building and occupant operations to avoid building shutdowns. Health and Safety The Office Building Manager II administers health and safety programs to comply with laws and regulations, including, but not limited to: • Air toxins, emissions, CFC’s (AB 2588); Asbestos (AB 3713); Pesticides, hazardous wastes (PCB’s); Safety training (AB 2189); Injury and illness prevention (IIPP); Worker’s Compensation (Title 8 and SB 198). • Collaborates with the Department of Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety Administration Division (OSHA) to do thorough routine inspections of all state and privately owned buildings for safety requirements. • Directs staff on asbestos regulation requirements. • Prepares and implements plans for Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption, Hazardous Materials and Waste Manifest to enact prompt mitigation responses upon immediate notice. • Interprets and notifies staff and/or occupants of newly established law requirements. • Modifies written maintenance/operational processes, record keeping and reporting to ensure proper training for all staff. MARGINAL FUNCTIONS Ensures that the technical building operations manuals or technical equipment functions are understood by the appropriate staff by providing training or assigning the reading of same in order to provide compliance with the general functions of the branch as mandated by Government Code Sections 14600 through 19473 and the Excellence in Public Buildings Initiative. Oversees and directs the performance of corrective work including, but not limited to, resetting computer controls for buildings’ systems such as life safety, mechanical, lighting, security in order to return a building to normal function in accordance with owner’s manuals by following the manufacturer’s operating guidelines and specifications. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of: Methods of caring for large public buildings and grounds; repair and operation of various types of building equipment; kind, quality, and amount of material and supplies used in building and ground maintenance and methods used in requisitioning, receiving, checking, storing, and issuing them; modern methods of heating, lighting, cleaning and ventilating large buildings; requirements, methods, and practices of the common trades and crafts; principles of personnel management and effective supervision; department's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) objectives; a manager's role in the Equal Employment Opportunity program and the processes available to meet Equal Employment Opportunity objectives. Ability to: Read and write English at a level required for successful job performance; maintain discipline over a large maintenance, repair and custodial staff; read and interpret plans, drawings, and specifications; estimate the cost of materials and labor involved in making alterations; maintain records and prepare concise reports; maintain cooperative relations with building occupants; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; effectively contribute to the department's Equal Employment Opportunity objectives. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS • The incumbent should possess and maintain a valid California Driver’s License, Class C in order to perform the duties of the OBM II in the San Francisco Bay Region. • The incumbent will be required to pass the Department of Justice (DOJ) background and/or fingerprinting checks in order to work in Complex and other restricted security access floors/buildings located in the Bay Region. • The incumbent will be required to take a medical examination and must be approved by the State Personnel Board. SPECIAL PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS • Willingness to work in any regional location. ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS • Work independently, organize, and set priorities. • Broad understanding of real estate principles and business management. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS • Work well with a team; motivate staff; deliver high quality customer service; maintain good working relationships; communicate information, both verbally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner. • Display efficiency, effectiveness, conscientiousness and professionalism. WORK ENVIRONMENT, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL ABILITIES: WORK ENVIRONMENT • Work in low-rise (6 floors and lower) to high-rise (7 floors and higher) office-building environment. • Business office environment. • Wear appropriate business attire for the work environment. • Make prompt decisions and meet ever-changing deadlines. • Multi-task. • Occasional exposure to mechanical equipment open and confined spaces. • Occasional exposure to noisy work areas, equipment or machinery. • Willingness to work in any regional location and to work hours necessary to mitigate a building emergency, meet deadlines or complete tasks. PHYSICAL ABILITIES • Typical work activities involve frequent and prolonged periods of standing, walking extended distances, bending, stooping, kneeling or squatting while performing duties. • May climb stairs and/or ladders. • Reach or stretch by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction. • Move about and work in confined spaces. • Drive a State vehicle to field office locations in the San Francisco Bay Region and BPM Headquarters in Sacramento. MENTAL ABILITIES • Make prompt decisions and meet ever-changing deadlines. • Broad understanding of real estate principles and business management.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Office Building Manager II 308 - 440 - 6673 - 002
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Building & Property Management Branch
455 Golden Gate Ave, Ste 2600
San Francisco, CA 94102
Jess Myres
(415) 703-4100

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