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Salary: $6,110.00 - $7,425.00
Posted: 02/07/2013

Job Description:
JOB TITLE: Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst V, Safety and Enforcement Division – Gas Safety and Reliability Branch-Risk Assessment Unit JOB OPPORTUNITY BULLETIN NUMBER: J461613031 Salary: $6110 - $7425 Monthly Final Filing Date: February 21, 2013 Location: California Public Utilities Commission Safety and Enforcement Division Gas Safety and Reliability - Risk Assessment Unit 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 How To Apply: Interested candidates must submit an ONLINE JOB APPLICATION along with a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). Applicants who do not submit a completed SOQ with their application will not be given further consideration. If you need assistance completing the application, you may contact the Human Resources staff at or call (855) 663-0222. Questions concerning this position should be directed to Ken Bruno at (415)703-5265 or The application will require a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) which must address the candidate’s experience and qualifications in the “Required Experience/Qualifications” section of this bulletin, as they relate to the duties and responsibilities of the position outlined below. The SOQ shall be in 11 point, Arial font, no longer than three (3) typewritten pages. Candidates will be rated on the content of their statements as well as their written communications skills. If a candidate submits more than three pages, only the first three pages of the SOQ will be evaluated. The content of the SOQ should provide the reviewers with sufficient details and specific examples for each of the topic areas under the “Required Experience/Qualifications” area of this bulletin to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to serve as a Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst V in the Gas Safety and Reliability Branch - Risk Assessment Unit. Statements of Qualifications will be evaluated using standardized rating criteria to select the candidate that is most qualified for the position. In the event, there is more than one highly qualified candidate, hiring interviews may be conducted. Please note that all information provided is subject to verification. For each of the topic areas discussed in the SOQ, please include the name(s) and phone numbers(s) of supervisor(s) and/or manager(s) who are knowledgeable about your work and may be contacted for verification. WHO MAY APPLY: Applications who are eligible for lateral transfers (defined in SPB Rules 430-433*), list appointment, voluntary demotion, reinstatements or other State Civil Service eligibility under SPB rules will be considered. To become “list eligible” for consideration, interested candidates must successfully pass a civil service exam. Applicants currently on a SROA list or employed by a surplus department in a specific classification designated as surplus will be given primary consideration. *Copies of SPB 430-433 are available in the Human Resources Office Description: DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Under general direction, the incumbents will research, develop and propose risk assessment management tools to evaluate energy utilities’ risk profiles, remedial plans, and related activities. Incumbents will evaluate energy utilities’ risk assessment plans based on adopted methodology, and compare and analyze the utilities’ methodologies and practices for conducting risk-assessments and proposed remedial efforts, as well as monitor the utilities’ implementation of any remedial activities. Incumbents will also review results of audits, inspections and investigations to identify energy industry wide trends as well as examine CPUC’s current enforcement plans and procedures and adjust as necessary to conform with risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Incumbents will be required to travel on a frequent basis, including overnight stays and on occasions, required to work unusual hours. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates selected for the position should have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and ability in the following areas: Technical knowledge in the field of utility safety and risk assessment, specifically in the area of energy or related sectors; Ability to conduct complex causal, systems, and risk assessment analysis using modeling tools; Familiarity with risk assessment/risk management methodologies and demonstrated experience with effectively applying such methodologies; Familiarity with practices, trends, and current issues relating to risk assessment in the energy or related sectors. Ability to analyze utility infrastructure investments to identify potential trends or patterns, and advise the Commission regarding the potential safety implications to such patterns; Experience in preparing persuasive technical reports and making verbal presentations, explaining issues in a clear and concise manner; Ability to reason clearly and exercise a high degree of independence in performing work assignments; Experience working with computer software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and other applications; and Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 680 - 135 - 4616 - 002
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
SED - Safety and Enforcement Division
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Ken Bruno
(415) 703-5265

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