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Salary: $2,098.00 - $2,549.00
Posted: 01/11/2013

Job Description:
Please put RPA #004564 on your application. **The Department of General Services is subject to the Personal Leave Program 2012/2013
(PLP 2012/2013), effective July 1, 2012 for 12 consecutive pay periods through June 2013 pay period.
The salary reduction is 4.62% less the base salary rate shown above.
SELECTION CRITERIA-- Recruitment will be in the following order: • SROA/Surplus employees are encouraged to apply (attach Department letter to the application submitted). • Transfers, reinstatements, re-employment or recruitment from the DGS employment list may be considered after the Post & Bid process is cleared. Consideration may be given to applicants who are on the DGS employment list or on another department’s employment list. Transfer of list eligibility (TOE) must meet the DGS exam criteria (performance/oral/written) in order to transfer their eligibility from the other department’s list to DGS’ employment list. Eligible candidate must be in a reachable rank (1-3) in order to be considered for appointment. • Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled. The incumbent will be required to take and must pass the Department of Justice background and/or fingerprinting checks in order to work in the Ronald Reagan Building and other restricted security access floors/buildings located in the LA Metro Region. The LA Metro Region, Ronald Reagan State Office Building is located at 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013; consisting of the North Tower (16 floors) and the South Tower (13 floors) occupying approximately 850,000 square feet of office space. Under the direct supervision of the Custodian Supervisor II and/or the Office Building Manager, the incumbent is responsible for the general nighttime cleaning of general offices and common areas including, but not limited to, board/hearing rooms, corridors, lobbies, garages and common restrooms in the Ronald Reagan Building. DUTIES
All work to be accomplished in accordance with guidelines of the Department of General Services (DGS), Real Estate Services Division (RESD), Building and Property Management Branch (BPM) strategic plans, BPM Manuals, and the Excellence in Public Buildings Initiative. The incumbent applies sustainable (environmentally safe) work practices in the operation and maintenance of all building systems and equipment.
Applies sustainable (procedures intended to create an effective/efficient job product within shifts and/or to use environmentally and friendly [green] products) work practices to uphold efficient and effective individual and team job performance and best practice facility maintenance, cleans common interior and outside, including bus ramp areas to maintain high level of cleanliness needed as a result of day use by occupants and/or visitors. Custodian operates systems or equipment such as a freight or passenger elevator to travel throughout the building(s) to assigned work areas. Custodian operates upright, canister, wet/dry, backpack or outside vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaners and other equipment and machinery, including but not limited to, trash compactors, balers, etc. This job requires considerable physical activity. Requires heavy physical work; heavy lifting, moving, pushing or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
br> General Office Cleaning
Cleans general office floors and associated common corridors and lobbies nightly by performing the following tasks:
• Sweeps, vacuums or mops tile, stone or carpeted floors using equipment or tools to maintain tile, stone, carpeted or concrete floors.
• Empties trash receptacles by either lifting plastic liners or by lifting and turning bins upside down into a portable trash barrel for pushing to another disposal site.
• Cleans modular systems or free standing furniture or woodwork to remove dust and/or polishes surfaces using cloths or dusting tools and/or green polishing products.
• Removes stains from carpets, area rugs, tile or stone floors using tools or equipment such as, but not limited to, a spray bottle and cleaning cloth (appropriate for the surface), broom, brush, mop, vacuum(s) and wet or dry green products for cleaning spots. • Performs specialized cleaning of the Data Center/Computer Room/controlled environment using HEPA vacuum cleaner, specialty treated lint free clothes for dusting and cleaning material compliant with special requirements.
Restroom Cleaningbr> Cleans common and/or executive restrooms nightly to prepare the restrooms for the next business day’s use by using tools commonly used in the industry and applying green cleaning products to disinfect and cleanse floors, fixtures and walls by performing the following tasks:
• Wipes down and scrubs toilet fixtures, sinks and sink countertops, bright work, mirrors, toilet partitions and doors, and dispenser cabinets.
• Restocks all paper products by unlocking dispenser cabinets with keys or dismantling pump dispensers to refill with liquid soap.
• Wipes down shower doors, stall walls and floors to diminish water spotting.
• Mops floors from wall-to-wall including, but not limited to, areas around toilet fixtures using disinfectants.
Health and Safety
In addition to direction from the Custodian Supervisor and/or Office Building Manager and the BPM Environmental Safety and Health Unit, promotes the health and safety programs to comply with laws and regulations, Safety training (AB 2189); Injury and illness prevention (IIPP and SB 298); Worker’s Compensation (Title 8 and SB 198) for the health and welfare self, of other employees and the public by performing in the following manner:
• Reports to supervisors and/or other BPM staff to dispatch skilled or unskilled staff to mitigate and/or abate any unsafe condition observed or reported within the building and adjacent grounds.
• Applies the BPM ESHOP written guidelines and directives established to fulfill the Occupational Health and Safety Administration Division (OSHA) requirements.
• Participates in a team environment to execute the plans for Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption, Hazardous Materials and Waste Manifest to enact prompt mitigation responses upon notice.
• Attends training for how to handle hazardous materials and how to use environmental safeguards.
• Attends on-going safety training as scheduled by the Supervisor(s).
Equipment, Tools and Supplies Tasks
Routinely maintains assigned equipment, tools and storage areas for cleanliness and functionality and promptly reports repair equipment or tool repair/replacement needs to Supervisor(s) to avoid breakdowns and ensure equipment and tools are consistently functional and available for use. Regularly inventories and prepares a list of products, supplies and/or tools individually used to be reordered in accordance with the inventory program overseen by the Supervisor(s) to maintain sufficient levels of products, supplies and tools.

Periodic Tasks
Performs periodic detail cleaning including but not limited to high (ceilings, walls, corners) and low (less than 3 feet above ground/floor level) dusting using tools such as dust cloths, brushes (fixed length or telescoping), vacuum extension tools and wall-to-wall vacuuming using upright, canister, wet/dry, back-pack or outside vacuum cleaners.

Additional Responsibilities
Informs Supervisor(s) to effect prompt communication of work needs noticed while on assigned routes that may be delegated to others including but not limited to broken restroom dispensers or fixtures, burned out lighting, door(s) sticking or not latching, broken locks, elevator malfunctions, etc.

Covers for sick or vacation relief as determined by Supervisor/Manager to balance out staffing shortages and to maintain steady availability of staff. Coverage could involve temporary shift or building change.

• Makes recommendations for training or equipment, tools or product needs to keep the custodial team abreast of technological and industry related changes to improve quality of cleaning.
• May use record keeping systems such as Maximo to write, issue and/or complete general, preventive or repair work tickets as needed and PAL to record hours and submits to Supervisor(s).
• May serve as the Unit Safety Coordinator lead to do thorough routine inspections of state owned buildings for custodial safety requirements, hold training classes attended by up to 20 custodians reading course material prepared by others or playing training videos and gathering sign-in sheets to submit to Supervisor(s).
• Replaces light tubes or bulbs by climbing a ladder.
• Cleans high areas by using a ladder.
• Services restroom vending machines on a regular monthly schedule. Gathers, counts and rolls coins retrieved from machines. Counts and replaces products used. Completes inventory reconciliation form. Submits all to Supervisor(s) or other BPM designee.

Knowledge of: Methods, materials, chemicals, disinfectants and equipment used in custodial work; and safety practices in custodial work.
Ability to: Use and care for custodial equipment and supplies; follow directions; and communicate effectively at a level appropriate to the classification.
DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License, Class C in order to drive self, supplies, and/or equipment from one job site to another while driving a State vehicle in order to perform the duties of the Custodian in the Ronald Reagan Building. • The incumbent will be required to pass the Department of Justice background and/or fingerprinting checks in order to work in the Ronald Reagan Building and other restricted security access floors/buildings located in the LA Metro Region. • The incumbent will be required to take a medical examination and must be approved by the State Personnel Board. SPECIAL PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS
• Exhibit professional working manner, poise, tact and discretion to deal effectively in a team environment.
• Display an interest in assuming increased responsibility.
• Use initiative and work independently.
• Display maturity and exercises good judgment.
• Evaluates situations accurately and take effective action.
• Use resources and tools effectively.
• Learns and apply specific laws, rules, policies and procedures.
• Organize time efficiently and set effective priorities.
• Good attendance punctuality record. r>
• Good public and fellow-employee interaction skills.
• Efficiency, conscientiousness and professionalism.

• Work in low-rise (6 floors and lower) to high-rise (7 floors and above) office-building environment.
• Wear unaltered BPM supplied shirts according to current policy.
• When working in the interior of the building, may need to use passenger or freight elevator to get self, equipment or supplies from one floor to another floor.
• Work involves exposure to unusual elements such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, unpleasant odors, and loud noises.
• Work environment involves some exposure to hazardous chemicals or physical risks, which require following basic safety precautions. • Work in public-accessed areas.
• Work in noisy areas or with noisy equipment or machinery. • Work in any facility within the regional location area. • May encounter live or dead insects, reptiles, rodents or other wildlife in the performance of duties. • May require ability to work overtime. • Work in confined spaces, i.e., ceiling, crawl spaces, and mechanical equipment spaces. • May work outdoors (parking lots) in all weather conditions, including rain, heat and cold.
• Typical work activities involve frequent and prolonged periods of standing, walking extended distances, bending, stooping, kneeling or squatting while performing duties. • Repetitively grip, grasp, and manipulate hand movement while using tools or power equipment applicable to job being performed. • Climb ladders or stairs, use power or noise producing tools or equipment. • Reach or stretch by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction. • Reach high spaces by climbing a ladder or operating a lift. • Considerable physical activity that requires heavy physical work, heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds.
r> • Wear most frequently used safety equipment during the performance of duties, including but not limited to, dust masks when exposed to harmful dust particles, eye goggles when exposed to airborne particles, latex/cloth gloves when working with abrasive materials, rubber boots or raingear and back support. • Visual inspection of the operation of machinery/equipment or sound of proper operating of machinery/equipment.

• Read, write and understand English in order to follow and enforce safety procedures.
• Understand written and verbal communication in English.
• Read, write and understand English in order to follow instructions on manufactures label for use of and/or mixture of product. • May need to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions or decimals. • Apply common sense in personal safety and safety of equipment being used in the performance of duties.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Custodian - RPA 4564 308 - 513 - 2011 - 935
Location County
Ronald Reagan Building LOS ANGELES
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Building & Property Management Branch
300 South Spring St. Ste 1726
Los Angeles, 90013
Samuele Yonan - RPA 4564
(213) 897-2243

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