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Salary: $3,835.00 - $4,417.00
Posted: 12/21/2012

Job Description:
*Bargaining Unit 12 is subject to the 2012 Budget Savings Reduction and
Personal Leave Program 2012 (PLP 2012),
effective July 1, 2012 for 12 consecutive pay periods.
The salary reduction from the base salary rates above is 4.62%.< PLEASE INDICATE RPA – 005790 ON YOUR APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA –
The selection criteria will be in the following order:
• Local bidders (DGS Sacramento employees) must file their bid requests for this position by the “Post & Bid File By” date above with the contact person listed above using the Local Work Area Post and Bid form. OHR-R12L. The employee with the greatest amount of continuous “local work location” seniority in the class shall be selected over other employees and notified of start date. If no eligible local bidders accepts job offer, then
• The Outside Local Post and Bid bidders will be contacted who indicated they are interested in positions in Sacramento. If no outside bidders are interested, then
• SROA/Surplus eligibles will be considered prior to other recruitment methods.
• Transfers or reinstatements may be considered after the Post & Bid process is cleared. Consideration may be given to applicants who are on a DGS employment list or on another department’s employment list. Transfer of list eligibility must meet the criteria to transfer the eligibility from the other department’s employment list to DGS’ employment list. • Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled. • The Department of Justice, located in Region III in Sacramento, California, contains a total of 382,330 square feet of office space. Incumbent work area also includes Suburban Unit and may be called upon to work in other buildings throughout Region III ranging from low rise to high rise buildings (1 to 18 stories). The incumbent applies sustainable (environmentally safe) work practices in the operation and maintenance of all building systems and equipment. EMPLOYEES WORKING IN ANY BUILDING OCCUPIED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE MUST PASS FINGERPRINT AND A BACKGROUND CHECK. Under the general direction of the Supervisor of Building Trades or/and Office Building Manager III, the incumbent performs miscellaneous skilled work in the maintenance, repair and alteration of multiple facilities in State-owned and occupied buildings within the region working independently in a wide variety of skilled maintenance tasks. All work to be accomplished in accordance with guidelines of the Department of General Services (DGS), Building and Property Management (BPM) Manuals, Real Estate Services Division (RESD) and BPM strategic plans, and the Excellence in Public Buildings Initiative in order to maintain and repair building systems, following published guidelines (i.e., SAM, BPM, DGS) and published industry standards (i.e., BOMA, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), NEI (National Energy Institute). Assignment may require temporary shift change or building location change. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS In order to maintain and repair all building systems and structures following published guidelines and industry standards, using knowledge, experience and appropriate hand and power tools: • Conducts office renovations, repair and maintenance of various building and structures utilizing project estimates, working sketches and drawings, job layouts labor schedules and material lists; May instruct and lead unskilled assistants; • Completes building tours by visual inspection of all building systems and equipment requiring walking, climbing stairs, entering small spaces and noisy spaces; • Test and certify various backflow devices in the suburban unit including filing appropriate paperwork to the governing agencies in a timely manner. • Recommends and takes appropriate action on repairs by evaluating functionality of equipment and systems; • Advises in the selection of building materials; • Provides supervisor with work load status, staff requirements and equipment for projects via verbal and/or written communication; • Instruct in-house staff and contracted work for compliance, quality and thoroughness. Instruct and observe all safety policies and procedures and report any unsafe conditions in or around State-owned or leased property. • May instruct and lead unskilled assistants; • Works with tenants and agency representatives in the overall structural operation of State-owned or leased buildings; In order to maintain integrity and functionality to ensure reliability and long-term use of building, related systems and machinery used to maintain buildings, shops and grounds (various vacuums, blowers, grinders, electrical cords, sharpening tools, moving parts on office furnishing, etc.) as directed by the Supervisor of Building Trades or Chief Engineer following published guidelines, manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards. Using appropriate hand and/or power tools: • Installs, inspects, maintains, repairs, troubleshoots or assists engineers, electricians, electronic technicians all building systems, including but not limited to power distribution systems, plumbing and sewer systems, domestic water pump stations, fire sprinkler systems, doors and related components, lighting fixtures, and ceiling components; • Repairs interior/exterior concrete surfaces and steps; • Makes simple furniture repairs; • Constructs and repairs interior/exterior walls by patching, matching finishes, and painting as required; • Makes or assists with repairs to roofing systems, (i.e., rubber, asphalt). Responds to service requests as submitted by tenants or other BPM staff by following BPM guidelines and warranty requirements and reports to supervisor when appropriate as follows: • Responds and effects repairs to office comfort calls and common area calls as needed, by going to the physical site and repairing electrical outlets, replacing lights, adjusting mechanical and/or electrical doors, fixing leaky sinks, clearing stuck flush valves, unplugging toilets and performing other simple and/or routine repair, comfort and convenient needs; • Responds to emergency calls in order to mitigate emergency conditions and minimize damage by performing repair at physical location according to health and safety and BPM guidelines regarding emergency situations. This may require working after hours, on days off or at another building location; • Orders parts and makes recommendations on more complex repairs when unable to complete service or repair requests and follows action through to completion; • Reads and analyzes blueprints and specifications in order to understand and provide information on system problems in accordance with design parameters. In accordance with direction from BPM supervisors or lead workers, monitors work on all building systems following published guidelines and industry standards. Using Microsoft Office and/or Maximo: • Tracks warranties and accurately records status by making detailed notes; • Prepares correspondence to contractors regarding ‘notices to correct’; • Monitors service contracts and inspects work for quality; • Tracks and reviews all building systems permits; • Updates work order tickets in MAXIMO or MS Office. In order to maintain a safe and healthful environment for the benefit of all employees and the public, under direction of the Supervisor of Building Trades or Chief Engineer and BPM Environmental Safety and Health Unit (ESHOP), in compliance with laws and regulations, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Safety Training (AB 2189), Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP and SB 298), Workers’ Compensation (Title 8 and SB 198), by promoting health and safety programs as follows: • Attends training in the handling of hazardous materials and use of environmental safeguards; • Participates in updating IIPP plans and records by completing reports and coordinating with the designated Branch Coordinator; • Participates in and/or leads team in executing the plans for Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption, and Hazardous Materials and Waste Manifest. In order to maintain materials, tools, and equipment: • Researches and order materials, supplies and equipment to properly maintain shop stock inventory; • Assures that completed work conforms to schedules, relevant codes, and basic trade workmanship quality standards; • Ensures that tools and equipment are properly cared for and that carpentry shop and storage areas are maintained in a clean and orderly manner through visual inspection. MARGINAL FUNCTIONS Organizes and maintains records, files and technical listings on equipment, tools and products using Microsoft Office and/or Maximo in order to make recommendations on recurring maintenance, special repairs, equipment, tools and supply prices to the BPM budget in accordance with DGS and DOF guidelines. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES Knowledge of: Methods, materials, and equipment used in the operation and repair of plumbing, heating, electrical, water, and sewer systems; materials, methods, and tools used in the repair of mechanical equipment and in miscellaneous building maintenance and repair work and skill in the performance of such work; Safety Orders of the Division of Industrial Safety dealing with heating, electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical systems. Ability to: Read, interpret, and work from plans, drawings, and specifications; estimate materials needed; keep records; follow oral and written directions; get along well with others; read and write at a level appropriate to the classification. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS SPECIAL PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS • Demonstrates superior mechanical ability. • Demonstrates interest in assuming increasing responsibility. • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Maximo, ABMS, PAL, and Outlook. • Extensive experience in building construction and repair. • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License, Class C for driving to other outlying buildings and/or to pick-up materials and supplies to provide Maintenance Mechanic coverage. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS • Ability to organize time efficiently and set effective priorities. • Uses good judgment and tact in making decisions and working with employees and interacting with clients WORK ENVIRONMENT, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL ABILITIES WORK ENVIRONMENT • Work in buildings 1 to 6 stories high. • Wear unaltered BPM supplied shirts and pants according to current policy. • When working in the interior of the building, may need to use passenger or freight elevator to get self, equipment or supplies from one floor to another floor. • Work may involve exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, unpleasant odors, and loud noises. • Work environment may involve some exposure to hazardous materials or physical risks, which requires basic safety precautions. • May be required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions, including rain, heat and cold. • Work on various uneven ground surfaces. • Work in public access areas. • Work in noisy areas or with noisy equipment or machinery. • May encounter live or dead insects, reptiles, rodents or other wildlife in the performance of duties. • Require security background or fingerprint check in DOJ occupied buildings. • Work in any regional location. • Requires ability to work overtime. PHYSICAL ABILITIES • Typical work activities involve frequent and prolonged periods of standing, walking extended distances, bending, stooping, kneeling or squatting while performing duties. • Repetitive grip, grasp, and hand movement while using tools or power equipment applicable to job being performed. Requires fine motor skills/dexterity to manipulate small components and controls. • Climb stairs or ladders, use power and noise producing tools or equipment; drive motorized equipment or vehicles applicable to job being performed. Reach high spaces by climbing a ladder or operating a lift. • Reach or stretch by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction. • Considerable physical activity. Requires heavy physical work; heavy lifting, pushing or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds. • Work at high locations at building interior/exterior from 4 floors and above. • Work on elevated / high-reach areas using a vertical, motor-powered, MAN-LIFT JLG. • Work from CAT-WALKS at building exterior. • Move about and work in confined spaces. • Wear safety equipment during the performance of duties, i.e., ear plugs when working in machine spaces; dust masks when expose to harmful dust particle, eye goggles when expose to air born particles, cloth gloves when working with abrasive materials, rubber boots or raingear and back support. • See and hear for visual inspection of the operation of machinery/equipment or sound inspection of proper operating machinery/equipment. MENTAL ABILITIES • Read, understand, follow and enforce safety procedures. • Understand written and verbal communications using English language. • Read, understand, and follow instructions on manufacture’s guide of products. • Add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions or decimals. • Apply common sense in personal safety and safety of equipment in adverse weather conditions (light storms, downpours, etc.).

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Maintenance Mechanic - RPA 5790 308 - 062 - 6940 - xxx
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Building & Property Management Branch
4949 Broadway
Sacramento, 95820
Sergio Mendoza
(916) 227-6958

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