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Salary: $3,648.00 - $4,609.00
Posted: 12/17/2012

Job Description:
NOTE: CAL FIRE employees who are currently on the Fire Captain Certification List – DO NOT need to apply via this posting. A Certification List Inquiry Letter will be mailed to eligible candidates in ranks accessible for appointment.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) is California's fire department and resource management agency. The organization is comprised of nearly 8,000 permanent and seasonal employees. The mission of the Department is to serve and safeguard the people and protect the property and resources of California.

Under direction, to supervise the work of an engine company(s) and hand crews; with other Fire Captains share in the management of a fire station including the maintenance of emergency apparatus and equipment; or to perform full-time duties in one of the following specialty assignments: (1) peace officer/fire prevention duties within a unit; (2) serve as a dispatcher; (3) serve as an assistant air attack program coordinator; (4) serve as a helitack captain; (5) supervise crews in conservation camps and fire centers and operate crew-carrying vehicles and fire apparatus; or (6) serve as an instructor at the Fire Academy and other training assignments; and to do other related work.

Plans and assigns work, gives instructions, maintains discipline, and makes decisions relating to the supervision of engine companies and hand crews engaged in fighting wildland, structural, or other fires, flood control, hazardous materials incidents, emergency responses, vehicle extrication incidents, and other emergency activities; may occasionally perform minor maintenance on buildings and fire stations/camps; supervises projects related to resource management; trains a company to fight fire and operate tools; supervises and performs the construction and maintenance of fire defense improvements; inspects, supervises the use of, and performs preventive and minor maintenance on assigned equipment; transports a crew over mountainous roads; operates fire apparatus, power tools (e.g., chain saws), and heavy equipment during emergency incidents and nonemergency project work; assists in the preparation and maintenance of a fire prevention plan; applies and enforces fire prevention laws; conducts fire prevention education programs; installs and supervises exhibits and displays; issues citations and makes investigations and reports on the cause and origin of fires; collects and preserves evidence; makes inspections for enforcement of Titles 19 and 25 of the California Administrative Code; performs dispatching of resources; performs as fire information officer; supervises the air attack base crew; serves as controller in airport operations; leads a helitack crew; conducts classroom and field training including the preparation of lesson plans and the evaluation of student performance; evaluates work of assigned employees; reads and uses maps; may assist others in performing accounting, budgeting, personnel, and material management tasks; keeps records; writes and submits reports as required; and does other related work.

Demonstrated good judgment in emergency situations; willingness to live and work in isolated areas away from population centers and to work on weekends and holidays; willingness to remain on duty 24 hours a day as required; emotional stability; demonstrated leadership ability; high standards of morals and speech; satisfactory record as a law-abiding citizen; sympathetic understanding of inmate rehabilitation programs; distant visual acuity (Snellen) of not less than 20/100 without corrective lenses in each eye, separately corrected to not less than 20/40 in one eye with corrective lenses; distant binocular acuity (Snellen) of at least 20/40 in both eyes with or without corrective lenses; color vision adequate to successfully perform the job as measured by the Ishihara Pseudo- Chromatic Plate Test, or for persons failing the Ishihara, the Farnsworth D-15 Arrangement Test; normal hearing; normal use of both hands and both feet; physical strength and agility; and no more than mildly susceptible to poison oak.

- Certain positions in this classification require peace officer status as a condition of appointment and continued employment.

- Possession of a valid driver license of the appropriate class issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles is a condition of continued employment.

- Candidates must pass medical clearances under the Respiratory Protection Program.

Existing law provides that persons convicted of a felony are disqualified from employment as peace officers. Such persons are not eligible to compete for, or be appointed to, positions in this class. This felony disqualification applies only to those positions designated as peace officers within this class.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 1031 (a), in order to be a peace officer, a person must be either a U.S. Citizen or be a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for U.S. Citizenship. Any permanent resident alien who is employed as a peace officer shall be disqualified from holding that position if his/her application for citizenship is denied.

Candidates who have successfully competed in CAL FIRE’s examination for Fire Captain and possess current list eligibility with a score/rank accessible for appointment need not apply via this posting. Candidates eligible for appointment via transfer, training and development assignment, reinstatement, or voluntary demotion may apply. State employees in jeopardy of layoff must attach a copy of their SROA/surplus letter in order to receive priority consideration for appointment.

Employees considering a transfer to this classification should be aware of information contained in the Bargaining Unit 8 Memorandum of Understanding regarding Transfers (Section 15.4), Voluntary Intra-Unit Reassignments (Section 9.1), and Voluntary In-Class Transfer Policy (Inter-Unit) (Section 9.2).

All interested candidates must send a completed State application (Examination/Employment Application STD 678) and resume to the Northern Region Headquarters-Santa Rosa (see address below). Please indicate eligibility (i.e., transfer, reinstatement, SROA, etc.) and interest in Limited-term - 12 month appointments in the Explanation box of the application. The STD 678 can be accessed through the CalHR website at Please include a copy of this notice with your application/resume.

CAL FIRE Northern Region Headquarters Office
Attention: Personnel
135 Ridgway Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Telephone: (707) 576-2275

Application packages postmarked after the final filing date will not be considered.

CAL FIRE will create a pool of qualified candidates available for possible hires in the 2013 calendar year. Once your application/resume is received and reviewed, if eligible for possible appointment, you will be sent a location preference form for completion and submission. You must return the completed document no later than the date due, as instructed, in order to be considered for a Fire Captain position. Applications received will remain valid for one year. Some limited-term appointments may become permanent.

As stated on the application, your original signature certifies that the information entered on your application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge under penalty of perjury. For this reason, applications/resumes will be accepted only by mail and not by FAX or email.

CAL FIRE is an equal opportunity employer, providing equal opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age or sexual orientation. CAL FIRE offers well-paying careers and opportunities for advancement.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 542 - VAR - 1095 - VAR
Location County
VARIOUS Multiple
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Limited Term  12 month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
CAL FIRE - Northern Region Headquarters
135 Ridgway Avenue
Santa Rosa, 95401
(707) 576-2275

Special Requirements:
See Special/Add'l Requirements

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Notice: If you are not a current or former State employee, you must first take an examination to obtain list eligibility. This does not apply to Student Assistant vacancies. Learn all about it.

Equal Opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age, or sexual orientation.

It is the objective of the State of California to achieve a drug-free state workplace. Any applicant for State employment will be expected to behave in accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is inconsistent with the law of the State, the rules governing civil service, and the special trust placed in public servants.