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Salary: $3,264.00 - $4,326.00
Posted: 11/30/2012

Job Description:

* Bargaining Unit 12 is subject to the 2012 Budget Savings Reduction and
Personal Leave Program 2012 (PLP 2012),
effective July 1, 2012 for 12 consecutive pay periods.
The salary reduction from the base salary rates above is 4.62%.


SELECTION CRITERIA - The selection criteria will be in the following order:
• Local bidders (DGS Sacramento employees) must file their bid requests for this position by the “Post & Bid File By” date above with the contact person listed above using the Local Work Area Post and Bid form, OHR-R12L (Rev 08/31/06). The employee with the greatest amount of continuous “local work location” seniority in the class shall be selected over other employees and notified of start date. If no local bidders, then
• The Outside Local Post and Bid bidders will be contacted who indicated they are interested in positions in Sacramento. If no outside bidders are interested, then
• SROA/Surplus eligibles will be considered prior to other recruitment methods.
• Transfers or reinstatements may be considered after the Post & Bid process is cleared. Consideration may be given to applicants who are on a DGS employment list or on another department’s employment list. Transfer of list eligibility must meet the criteria to transfer the eligibility from the other department’s employment list to DGS’ employment list.
• Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and desirable qualifications and interviews may be scheduled.

The East End Complex, located in Region IV in Sacramento, California, includes six state-of-the-art structures ranging in height from five to seven stories. Other buildings included in the work area range from historic to newly constructed, up to a maximum of 17 stories.

The incumbent applies sustainable (environmentally safe) work practices in the operation and maintenance of all building systems and equipment.

May require passing a background and/or fingerprinting check.

All work to be accomplished in accordance with guidelines of the Department of General Services (DGS), Building and Property Management (BPM) Manuals, Real Estate Services Division (RESD) and BPM strategic plans, and the Excellence in Public Buildings Initiative in order to maintain and repair all building systems, following published guidelines (i.e. , SAM, BPM, DGS) and published industry standards (i.e., BOMA, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), NEI (National Energy Institute) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Assignment may require temporary shift change or building location change.

Building Operations
In order to protect the State’s investment, retain and ensure integrity and functionality fundamental for ensuring reliability and long-term use of new and existing electronic-related systems and software (i.e., audio communication, large automated security systems with components such as card readers, CCTV’s, videos cameras, building automation systems, sound and recording systems, fire life safety systems) following published guidelines using basic knowledge of electrical theory: Performs routine maintenance by adjusting, testing and cleaning components, intercommunications systems and telephone systems; Ensures prompt and consistent availability of electronic equipment by troubleshooting anomalies to expedite repairs and maintain good functionality of new and/or existing equipment and building systems; assists with the installation and repair of the more complicated electronic equipment such as radiotelephone, lighting systems and building system software using electronic measuring and testing devices to effectively troubleshoot and define failures.
• Installs wire and/or cable utilizing industry standards methods and procedures.
• Updates and tests systems by reading, interpreting and drawing schematic diagrams of the simpler electrical and electronic circuits.
• Assists in determining source of failures or problems in equipment operation by troubleshooting and making repairs as needed using appropriate hand/power/electrical equipment.
• Assists with the installation and repair of the more complicated electrical equipment (i.e., radiotelephone, lighting systems and building systems software) using electronic measuring and testing devices.
• Sets up auditorium, hearing rooms, conference rooms, training rooms etc for tenant use of building-owned A/V equipment.

Records Management
In order to assist in retrieving records and making recommendations on recurring maintenance, special repairs, equipment, tools and supplies at the direction of the Chief II in accordance with published guidelines:
• Maintains and organizes record keeping of electronic-related equipment history, by updating the logs as needed utilizing various software programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Maximo and PAL.
• Records time and submits to supervisor for approval utilizing the use of current record keeping systems such as Maximo and PAL.
• Establishes, organizes and maintains parts inventory counts and submits order requests to the chief engineer or building manager for purchase using various filing methods including electronic files.

In order to deliver high quality service, responds and effects repairs as submitted by tenants or other BPM staff in accordance with published guidelines, using appropriate hand/power/electrical tools.

In order to assist the Chief Engineers and higher level technicians with the prompt and consistent availability of electronic equipment in accordance with published guidelines:
• Gathers costs and estimate repairs and prepares recommendations to supervisors of repairs or replacements.
• Orders materials and replacement parts and ensures delivery of equipment.

Health and Safety
• Responsible to help protect the health and welfare of other employees and the public by reporting to their supervisor any unsafe condition they observe within the building and adjacent grounds.
• Actively participate in the team meetings required to fulfill OSHA and IIPP guidelines.
• The incumbent may lead or instruct other staff in the safety of electronics and/or electrical specialty fields and other related work.

• Covers for sick or vacation relief; could involve temporary shift or building change.
• Makes recommendations for training needs to keep the management team abreast of technological and industry related changes.
• Researches ways to improve the building systems and recommends projects for budget plan.
• Works directly with private vendors on various building repairs or with contractors/subcontractors contracted to perform tenant improvements or special repairs.
• Participates as Unit Safety Coordinator lead.
• Responds to other building needs/assignments within the region.

Knowledge of: Basic electronic theory and electrical practice; repairing and maintaining electronic and telephonic equipment; use of precise electrical measuring instruments used in servicing electronic and related equipment; elementary safety precautions to be observed in maintaining electrical equipment.

Skill in: repairing and maintaining electronic and telephonic equipment.

Ability to: read and write English at a level required for successful job performance; read and interpret electrical and electronic schematic diagrams; estimate cost of repairs; keep simple records and make reports; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

Additional Desirable Qualification:
• Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.

• Interact with demanding clients/tenants/occupants in a positive manner under difficult conditions to provide a high level of customer service and communication.
• Self-motivation to take on new tasks.
• Ability to work alone or with other trades people and in close proximity to all types of tenants and personnel. • Innovative and eager to resolve problems.
• Knowledge of repairing and maintaining electronic and telephonic equipment and related software.
• May require a valid California Driver’s License, Class C to drive self, supplies and equipment from job sites to job sites using a State vehicle.

Maintain professional and team-like conduct with all members of management, engineering, trades/crafts and custodial.

Work Environment:
• Work is a high rise (7 floors or higher) or a low rise (6 floor or less) office-building environment.
• Wear unaltered BPM supplied shirts and pants according to current policy.
• When working in the interior of the building, may need to use passenger or freight elevator to get self, equipment or supplies from one floor to another floor.
• Work may involve exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, unpleasant odors, and loud noises.
• Work environment may involve some exposure to hazardous materials or physical risks, which requires basic safety precautions.
• May be required to work outdoors and in all weather conditions, including rain, heat and cold.
• Work on various uneven ground surfaces.
• Work in public access areas.
• Work in noisy areas or with noisy equipment or machinery.
• Work in any regional location.
• Requires ability to work overtime.
• May be required to pass a background and/or fingerprinting check.

Physical Abilities
• Typical work activities involve frequent and prolonged periods of standing, walking extended distances, bending, stooping, kneeling or squatting while performing duties.
• Repetitive grip, grasp, and hand movement while using tools or power equipment applicable to job being performed. Requires fine motor skills/dexterity to manipulate small components and controls.
• Climb stairs or ladders, use power and noise producing tools or equipment; drive motorized equipment or vehicles applicable to job being performed. Reach high spaces by climbing a ladder or operating a lift.
• Reach or stretch by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction.
• Safely lift, push or pull or carry objects up to 50 pounds.
• Work on elevated/high-reach areas using a vertical, motor-powered, MAN-LIFT JLG. Work from CAT-WALKS at building exterior.
• Move about and work in confined spaces.
• If required, wear safety equipment during the performance of duties, i.e., ear plugs when working in machine spaces; dust masks when exposed to harmful dust particles, eye goggles when exposed to air born particles, cloth gloves when working with abrasive materials, rubber boots or raingear and back support.
• See and hear for visual inspection of the operation of machinery/equipment or sound inspection of proper operating machinery/equipment.
Mental Abilities
• Read, understand, follow and enforce safety procedures.
• Understand written and verbal communication using English language.
• Read, understand, and follow instructions on manufacture’s guide of products.
• Add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions or decimals.
• Apply common sense in personal safety and safety of equipment in adverse weather conditions (light storms, downpours, etc.).

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Electronics Technician 308 - 204 - 6913 - 001
Location County
East End Complex, 1616 Capitol Ave SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
BPM Region IV - East End Complex
1616 Capitol Ave, Suite 74-149
Sacramento, CA 95814
Jeff Strickler
(916) 445-3699

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