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Salary: $4,833.00 - $5,874.00
Posted: 11/07/2012

Job Description:
The Health Program Specialist I (HPSI) independently works as an integral member of the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), in the Office of the Deputy Director, with responsibility for the coordination of center-wide department level managerial programmatic policy issues. In particular, the incumbent serves as CEH's fiscal team leader with responsibility for overall budget coordination and fiscal monitoring of CEH programs. The incumbent assists in the development, monitoring, and control of CEH General, Federal, and Special Fund programs. The incumbent independently provides environmental health programmatic and technical support for CEH on a variety of sensitive and confidential issues involving a major departmental organization with two divisions. This position requires the incumbent maintain consistent and regular attendance; communicate effectively (orally and in writing if both appropriate) in dealing with the public and/or other employees; develop and maintain knowledge and skill related to specific tasks, methodologies, materials, tools and equipment; complete assignments in a timely and efficient manner; and, adhere to departmental policies and procedures regarding attendance, leave, and conduct. Duty Statement 35% Assists CEH Executive Staff with technical, programmatic, and support operations of the two Divisions and various programs within the Center. The incumbent achieves this by coordinating activities with CEH staff, the Division Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and various other control entities in the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Incumbent develops and implements strategies for collecting necessary technical or fiscal data, provides guidance to CEH Executive and Division leadership staff on methodology for collection and sources for data, reviews to determine quality and validity of data collected, provides feedback on results of data analyzed, and makes recommendations based on findings, guidance, and alternatives for next action steps. Directs and oversees contract management activities; space management including occupancy planning; and environmental health program performance and effectiveness. This position ensures compliance with departmental policies, practices, and procedures by CEH and its Divisions. 30% As CEH fiscal team leader, provides complex consultation and technical guidance to program staff on policy implications and considerations of various budget drills and ensures detailed fiscal analyses and reports are prepared and submitted consistent with budget deadlines. Provides assistance and guidance to CEH Divisions and programs on highly technical aspects of CEH budget coordination and fiscal program monitoring including: 1) principles and practices of budgeting and accounting; 2) special fund availability monitoring; 3) budget development and control; 4) computation and monitoring of salary, benefits, salary savings, and operating expenses; 5) development of executive dashboard fiscal tracking systems for monitoring program expenditures, and 6) compliance with acceptable public health program standards. Incumbent prepares briefing documents and makes recommendations to CEH executive management regarding process improvements, enhancements, and modifications to existing fiscal monitoring systems. Incumbent develops training and guidelines for program staff on financial planning, personnel management, securing external resources, contract management, and development of sound environmental health strategies to achieve departmental goals and objectives. 30% In coordination with the Health Program Manager II, assists with legislative duties by evaluating state and federal legislation for potential impact on environmental health programs and assigning the legislation for analysis to the appropriate program staff. Independently review analysis submitted by the Division(s) ensuring that the analysis is consistent with CDPH policy, the fiscal impact is sound and accurate, and adequately addresses impact on program and the public health implications. Percent of Time Marginal Functions 5% Serves as a principle CEH liaison to other Department programs including Budgets, Accounting, Human Resources, Legislation, Public Affairs, Civil Rights, Legal, and other program areas within CDPH and external customers as well. Please provide a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for the hiring manager’s review. Your SOQ will be considered the first interview for this position. If your qualifications are competitive, you will be invited to come in for an on-site interview. When completing the SOQ, please include all relevant experience, education, and training which qualify you to perform the duties outlined in the duty statement. Please indicate where and when the experience, education, and/or training was gained and duties performed. If a job included responsibilities applicable to several questions, separate the different functions of the job to answer all the questions completely. Incomplete or missing responses to the information requested may negatively impact the assessment of your qualifications. Your SOQ should be no longer than two pages single spaced, Arial font size 12. Your SOQ must address your experience with the following: 1) Providing consultation and technical guidance to staff on policy implications and considerations of various budget drills, reviewing and editing detailed fiscal analyses and budget reports; budget coordination and fiscal program monitoring including principles and practices of budgeting and accounting; General and special fund monitoring; budget development and control; and development of or use with fiscal tracking systems for monitoring program expenditures. 2) Preparing briefing documents and making recommendations to executive management on process improvements, enhancements and modifications to existing fiscal monitoring systems; and developing and providing training and guidelines for fiscal planning. 3) Review of state and federal legislation for potential impact on program; assigning bill to appropriate program staff for analysis; and review analyses to ascertain consistency with department policies, adequately addresses impact on program, and that the fiscal impact is accurate. Please attach your SOQ to your application. Resumes, letters, and other materials will not be evaluated or considered as responses to the SOQ. Applications received without an SOQ will not be considered. Applications only accepted by mail. Please do not fax, drop off in person, or email. Applications will be screened and the most qualified will be contacted for an interview. Contact: Margaret Wener, Manager, Center for Environmental Health, Department of Public Health, PO Box 997377, MS 0511, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Health Program Specialist I 580 - 600 - 8338 - 001
Location County
Sacramento - East End Complex SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
11/21/2012 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Center for Environmental Health
P.O. Box 997377, MS 0511
Sacramento 95899-7377
Margaret Wener

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