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Salary: $8,416.00 - $9,845.00
Posted: 11/01/2012

Job Description:
*** This position is permanent pending freeze exemption approval; however, the freeze exemption may only be approved on a limited term basis. If appointed limited term, there is a possibility of the appointment becoming permanent.***

** Your state application must indicate you are applying for Senior Psychologist Specialist, Correctional Facility position 065-923-9287-Var. Please explain your eligibility (i.e. lateral transfer, on a list, etc.).

You must have current certification, list, lateral, or reinstatement eligibility to apply for this vacancy.

Job Description:

30% Under the general direction of the Chief Psychologist, Correctional Facility (CF), Clinical Support, Mental Health Program, Division of Health Care Services the Senior Psychologist, CF, Specialist, will assist in the implementation and coordination of the Department's mental health programs, and the development of Departmental policies and procedures relative to the delivery of mental health services within a correctional setting. Statewide travel is required with this position.

20% Develop a statewide statement of ethics and principles that aligns ethical knowledge and professional behavior for licensed clinicians and support staff that recognizes the different professional obligations. Coordinate Statewide mental health services to ensure compliance with existing federal and State regulations and laws; ensure standardization of services in conformity with federal, State, and Departmental policies and procedures, State regulations, and community standards by serving as the mental health consultant and participating in onsite Program Evaluation, Inspector General, Quality Management and other audits of programs; assist in the development of Corrective Plans for noncompliant elements of programs through consultation with institutional staff, the Chief, Mental Health Services and other management staff; and serve on committees and task forces to revise policies and procedures as mental health programs change or evolve within the Department.

20% Provide assistance to institution staff in the interpretation and monitoring of psychology standards for the Department; consult with institution clinical and management staff as well as the Chief, Mental Health Services and other headquarters management staff to ensure consistency and standardization is maintain Statewide; maintain liaison with community and governmental agencies which regulate psychology standards; and maintain network with community and governmental agencies regarding the changes within psychology to ensure changes are recorded as appropriate within the Department’s policies and procedures.

20% Provide technical assistance on mental health services to institutions through phone consultation with institutional clinical and management staff, by onsite consultation and by keeping headquarters management staff apprised of the status of institutional programs; conduct mental health investigations of unusual occurrences as identified by reviewing Special Incident Reports and other Reports; respond to requests from institution and management staff; and when needed, perform psychology services at institutions to ensure inmates are receiving evaluations and care as needed. Develop policy on for inmate-patient regarding Informed Consent, Conflict of Interest, Clients Rights, and Confidentiality.

10% Direct the Department's Suicide Prevention Program and Reception Center mental health screening and referral operations by reviewing Special Incident Reports, Death Reports, and Psychological Autopsies; prepare written Executive Summaries of all cases of completed suicide; consult with institution clinical and management staff on improving suicide prevention policies and procedures; provide training to institutional clinical and custody staff on suicide prevention; collect and interpret data and other information on the Department’s suicides, keeping informed of recent research on suicide prevention; review data from the Reception Center computer tracking system, making onsite audits and visits to Reception Centers; and consult with clinical, custody, and management staff regarding the Reception Center mental health processing.

10% Provide consultation on court cases (i.e., Coleman, Madrid, Gates, Shumate, Clark); escort the court masters in the Coleman case to institutions, facilitate their review of programs, prepare written follow-up reports, and participate in meetings with the court masters and others.

05% Assist Office of Training staff in the coordination and presentation of training and seminars for institution mental health, custody and other staff by designing and preparing training materials; providing technical consultation; and when appropriate conducting training.

05% Based on operational need performs other duties as requires. Serves on committees and advisory groups, consulting with professional organizations, public and private agencies; conducting research and presenting findings; and responding to correspondence and questions from inmates’ families and attorneys. Performs other duties as required.

Knowledge of: Principles, techniques, and trends in psychology with particular reference to normal and disordered behavior, human development, motivation, personality, learning, individual differences, adaptation, and social interaction; methods for the assessment and modification of human behavior; forensic psychology; characteristics and social aspects of mental and developmental disabilities; research methodology and program evaluation; institutional and social process, group dynamics; functions of psychologists in various mental health services; current trends in the field of mental health; professional training; and community organization and allied professional services.

Ability to: Provide professional consultation; teach and participate in professional training; recognize situations requiring the creative application of technical skills; develop and evaluate creative approaches to the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental disabilities, to the conduct of research, and to the development and direction of a psychology program; plan, organize, and conduct research, data analysis, and program evaluation; conduct the more difficult assessment and psychological treatment procedures; analyze situations accurately and take effective action; and communicate effectively.

Benefits information can be found on the CalHR website,, and the CalPERS website,

In order to apply and be considered for this position, all applicants must submit a completed Standard State Application Form (Std. 678) available at , under “My Profile.”

All methods of appointment may be considered. Applications will be screened and only the most competitive candidates will be invited for an interview.

This advertisement may be used for other vacancies that occur during this posting.

The term VAR in the position number indicates that multiple vacancies exist for this classification.

* Through June 30, 2013, full-time employees’ monthly pay will be reduced by 4.62% in exchange for eight (8) hours of leave. Part-time employees shall be subject to the pay reduction on a pro-rated basis consistent with their time base.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Senior Psycholoigst, Correctional Facility Specialist 065 - 923 - 9287 - 012
Location County
Elk Grove, California SACRAMENTO
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Until Filled None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Mental Health Program
P. O. Box 4038
Sacramento 95812-4038
Julia Rodden
(916) 691-0346

Special Requirements:
Licensed in California

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