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Salary: $4,400.00 - $5,348.00
Posted: 12/07/2012

Job Description:


The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is looking for a professional individual with strong analytical and written and verbal communication skills to serve as a Legislative and Policy Analyst for its Legislative and Policy Review Office.

-With direction provided by the Deputy Director, Assistant Deputy Director, and Staff Services Manager I, the Legislative & Policy Analyst (AGPA) prepares legislative bill analyses, analyzes regulatory proposals and performs various analytical and research assignments. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

-Serve as a technical expert in legislative, regulatory and policy matters relating to the department’s boards, bureaus, committees and commission and provide consultative services to relating issues, including, but not limited to, licensing, enforcement, education and various regulatory programs.

-Identify, research, and summarize proposed legislation, regulations and policy issues and recommend a position to LPR management. Prepare and edit bill and regulatory analyses; draft amendments to existing and proposed regulations. Drafts amendments to existing and proposed legislation and regulations Coordinate efforts with representatives of other departments to amend legislation of mutual concern and interest.

-Research complex policy issues and prepare written recommendations for LPR management and Executive Staff. Prepare reports, executive summaries, issue papers and correspondence. Research nationwide databases via the internet to remain current on pertinent issues at the state and federal levels. Advise executive and LPR management staff on research findings and any anticipated emerging policy problems.

-Serve as a resource for the Office, departmental staff, legislative committees and consultants, industry representatives, lobbyists, and others regarding the interest of consumers relative to legislation and regulations, researching and addressing constituent casework issues on an as needed basis. Coordinate interdepartmental efforts on legislation and on proposed regulations. Attend board meetings, legislative hearings and inter-departmental meetings regarding legislation and/or regulations.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: The Legislative Analyst reports to the Staff Services Manager I, and may also receive direction and assignment from the Deputy Director and Assistant Deputy Director.

PERSONAL CONTACTS: The Legislative Analyst has continuous contact with the staff of the Division of Legislative and Regulatory Review. In addition, the Legislative Analyst has frequent contact with staff from the Department’s Boards and Bureaus, Legal Office, Executive Office, and Budget Office as well as staff from legislators’ offices and staff from the State and Consumer Services Agency.

FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The incumbent works 40 hours per week in an office setting with artificial light and temperature control. The ability to use a personal computer and telephone is essential.

OTHER INFORMATION: This position requires overtime, often with little advanced notice. Occasionally, the Division’s analysts may be called back to work after normal working hours to assist with special requests from State and Consumer Services Agency and the Governor’s Office. The Division’s analyses and positions on legislation are confidential. In addition, many of the issues that the Legislative Analyst will be researching are confidential and/or highly sensitive. Therefore, this position requires confidentiality and discretion on the part of the Legislative Analyst.


Legislative Analysis Skills - Experience in tracking and analyzing legislative bills affecting management of State government entities. Knowledge of the legislative process.

Communication Skills - Excellent oral and written communication skills demonstrating the ability to negotiate and communicate tactfully, and effectively interact with Board Members, the Legislature, consumer industry groups, labor unions, state agencies, the Governor’s staff and special interest groups.

Technical Skills – Knowledge of the Department of Consumer Affairs’ vision, mission, and policies, current issues and trends of consumer protection.

Administrative Skills – Demonstrated knowledge of the activities of a regulatory agency and the Administrative Procedures Act.

Education - A Bachelor's Degree and/or Advanced Degree in the areas of political science, public policy or law.

FILING INFORMATION: All interested applicants must submit a standard State application (Form 678) with official or civil service titles and dates of experience, providing proof of eligibility for the position. (Applications without official or civil service titles may be rejected). All interested applicants must submit a standard State Application Form STD 678 (with original signature), and must clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility in the ‘Explanations’ section of the STD 678. Indicate your test score if the basis of eligibility is through an examination/certification list.

WHO MAY APPLY: All methods of appointment, and tenures and time bases will be considered. Eligible candidates who are current state employees with status in the above classification or lateral transfers from an equivalent class, former state employees who can reinstate into this class or persons who are reachable on a current employment list. Appointment is subject to SROA and State surplus policies. Surplus candidates must submit a copy of surplus letter.

A 60-day candidate pool will be established for subsequent vacancies. Free parking is available.

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
LEGISLATIVE & POLICY ANALYST 610 - 300 - 5393 - 804
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
12/17/2012 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Legislative and Policy Review
1625 N Market Blvd, Ste S-204
Sacramento, 95834
Tomasa Duenas

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