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Salary: $6,258.00 - $8,450.00
Posted: 06/06/2006

Job Description:
Must be a peace officer as defined in the California Penal Code Sections 830.1, 830.2, 830.3, or 830.5.

Applicants must be a current or former State employee with transfer or reinstatement eligibility for this classification, or be reachable on a current employment list for this classification. All applicants must clearly indicate their basis for eligibility on the State application (STD 678). All applicants must indicate location of interest on the application.


Under the direction of the Senior Special Agent, Office of Internal Affairs (OIA), and the indirect supervision of the Special Agent In-charge, OIA, the Special Agent conducts internal affairs investigations and review investigation requests received in OIA’s Central Intake Unit. Monitors and manages a caseload of investigations ensuring efficiency, timeliness, and completeness. The Special Agent provides assistance to the Senior Special Agent relative to investigations concerning employee misconduct and enforces Department policies in the area of administrative and criminal law.


The Special Agent is required to carry a department-issued 9mm Beretta 92FS firearm, or other OIA approved 9mm sidearm (purchased at agent's expense). You must remain current in range qualifications and follow the CDCR shooting policy relative to your assignment. In your assignment, you will be privileged to sensitive, confidential information. You are not to discuss and/or disclose this information or any information relating to an ongoing investigation without prior authorization of the Senior Special Agent or the Special Agent-In-Charge. You are to read and become conversant with DOM 31140-Employee Misconduct Investigations, 33030-Employee Discipline and supplemental policies and procedures relative to your assignment with the OIA to include knowledge and understanding of bargaining unit agreements that affect the investigative process.


50% Read, review and compile evidence and information relative to an assigned investigation. Identify allegations of misconduct, and involved witnesses and subjects. Identify potential criminal violations for District Attorney Referral and possible misdemeanor and/or felony prosecution of serious staff misconduct.

Prior to initiating any investigation, prepare investigative plan outlining your proposed strategy, and case conference with Senior Special Agent. Conduct thorough interviews of all witnesses and subjects; identify and collect additional evidence and information relevant to the case; identify additional allegations of misconduct uncovered during the investigation. Assess sensitive or complex issues, consult with, and take direction from the Senior Special Agent. Keep Senior Special Agent apprised of any change in the complexion of the investigation.

Prepare memorandums of case extension, unusual circumstances, 989s, etc. Accurately track and document all case activity in Case Management System (CMS). Prepare investigative report by listening to tape-recorded interviews (or reading typed transcripts), and ensure proper format, accuracy, punctuation, thoroughness and completeness. Identify need for surveillance, or preparation of search warrants in high profile and criminal cases. Be knowledgeable in the preparation and execution of search warrants.

30% Upon an investigation request identify allegations of misconduct, and involved witnesses and subjects. Research, compile evidence and brief cases on a weekly basis at the OIA’s Central Intake meeting including the Bureau of Independent Review (BIR), Vertical Advocates, Assistant Secretary, and other departmental managers and supervisors.

10% Develop liaison with outside law enforcement agencies at the State, Federal or local level, to include District Attorneys Office, Vertical Advocates, and the BIR (when required) to address issues of common concern for the successful prosecution of crimes within the Region. Refer all potential criminal violations to the designated District Attorney. Act as the liaison with the BIR (when required), and Vertical Advocate in the preparation for and to provide testimony in State Personnel Board (SPB) and criminal proceedings on cases involving OIA.

10% Receive and provide training from/to staff in effective investigative methods, and stay abreast of modern trends and tools in the investigative field. Participate in specialized out-service training to enhance investigative skills. Become familiar with the use of surveillance equipment, i.e., still and video cameras, body wire, radios, and other communication devices.

Range A $6,258.00 - $7,699.00
Range B $6,996.00 - 8,450.00


Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
None Specified 065 - 132 - 9766 - xxx
Location County
Bakersfield KERN
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
Continuous None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Office of Internal Affairs - Headquarters
10111 Old Placerville Rd. #200
Sacramento, 95827
Kristin Machen
(916) 255-0995

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