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Salary: $6,275.00 - $7,802.00        Date Posted:04/03/2014
Working Title Position Number
Chief of the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program 580 - 760 - 0756 - xxx
Position may be located in Sacramento or Richmond
Timebase Tenure County
Full Time Permanent   month(s) Multiple
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
07/05/2014 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Resource Management Section
PO Box 997379, MS 7406
Sacramento, 95899-7379
Frank Banuelos
Special Requirements:
Job Description & Additional Information
Position may be filled in Sacramento or Richmond
All interested applicants must submit a Standard State Application form (STD 678) with original signature, and must clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility in the ‘explanation’ box of the STD 678. Applicants without eligibility information will not be considered. Appointment is subject to SROA and State surplus policies. Surplus candidates must submit copy of surplus status letter. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified candidates will be interviewed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Job Summary: Under the general direction of the Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory Branch Chief, the incumbent serves as the Chief of the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). The incumbent plans, organizes, and directs the functions of ELAP encompassing the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of the State Certification program and the Federal National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) as required by State and Federal laws and regulations. Directs and manages the program of State certification and National accreditation of environmental testing laboratories, performs work and provides reliable analytical resources and services as required by the State regulatory agencies and Federal programs for the protection of public health in California.

Supervision Received: Under general direction of the Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory Branch Chief, Research Scientist Manager (Chemical Services).

Supervision Exercised: Directly supervises one Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory), two Supervising Chemists, and one Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist).

Description of Duties: See Below

Percent of Time Essential Functions
40% Plans, organizes, and directs the operation of ELAP as a fully fee supported program, including managing the overall ELAP budget. Oversees the preparation of management and program reports, research database and management information systems, and web page maintenance and updates. Hires, trains, and manages staff, coordinates the functions and activities of the program headquarters in Richmond and also of field staff in Southern California and Sacramento. Directs the work of program supervisors and senior staff responsible for the field activities for on-site assessment/auditing of applicant laboratory performance evaluation/proficiency testing studies, and accreditation/certification and quality assurance.. Monitors the performance of the program staff to ensure quality and productivity and administers the resolution of complex issues.. Adheres to the Department’s policies and procedures and performs other duties as required by the Department.

20% Adopts, implements, develops and manages the State certification and the Federal National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) as a two-tiered concurrent programs based on the provisions of the State mandates and applicable Federal laws and regulations. Ensures the successful operation of the process of certification/accreditation, including the review of the quality assurance documents and applications, on-site assessments/audits, performance evaluation/proficiency testing studies, consultation, accreditation clearance, and investigation and enforcement as required for the management of ELAP. Provides consultation to laboratories on new methods and technology, regulations, program updates, certification issues, and new requirements. Prepares information bulletins/announcements on technical and program updates for mass mailing to the laboratories and other stakeholders.

20% Consults with State and Federal regulatory agencies and public health programs on the use of analytical methods, reporting and regulatory limits, and new analytes for public health concerns and monitoring needs. Works with upper management and legal staff in developing new regulations, or legislative proposals, for the adoption of changes required in the program. Adopts and implements new Fields-of-Testing to increase the scope of accreditation services as required by the State legislature or Federal regulations. Provides training and monitors the performance of the technical and scientific staff in carrying out the functions of the program and implementing the changes as required by adoptions of new laws and regulations, methods and technology.

10% Contributes and assists in the development of national standards of accreditation and quality assurance requirements of environmental studies and accreditation. Participates in coordination activities related to the program, gives presentations and lectures, and serves on panels involving environmental and accreditation issues. Provides and assists in the training of staff in the requirements of the national NELAP program and interacts with other NELAP approved States for the development of the accreditation program and maintenance of reciprocity and consistency of standards of accreditation required for national recognition.

Percent of Time Marginal Functions 10% Based on information provided by regulatory agencies, assigns staff and leads investigations involving allegations of laboratory fraud or unethical practices, consults with upper management on these issues, and then assists with legal and enforcement actions as required by State laws and regulations. Develops policies, standard operating procedures, and training documents for the program and the adoption of changes in the Standards of accreditation. Performs other essential functions as required or assigned by the Department, Division, and Branch.

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